Friday, February 24, 2006

Affiliate Business: There's Nothing Quite Like It

There's no business like show business, was a popular slogan for the swinging 60s, but the popular one for the information age has to be, "there's no business like the affiliate business."

What other business can earn you an obscene income and still allow you to spend quality time with your growing children? What other business can allow you to grow such a huge monthly turnover and still not tie you down as a slave to your money-making machine?

Many online entrepreneurs in the affiliate business may not know it, but there is a very high price to pay for growing a successful non-affiliate business. You have to worry about the staff, inventory and a million other tiny details capable of causing your thriving business to suddenly go belly up without any warning.

Folks thriving in the affiliate business may not fully appreciate just how lucky and privileged they are having the sort of business where there is absolutely no limit to the sort of revenue that one can earn. And yet all you need to do is create a system of constantly generating leads and then referring them to your affiliate site or affiliate sites. Somebody else closes the sale for you, somebody else takes care of delivery and inventory and all the other hassles and troubles and headaches that go into running a successful enterprise.

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