Thursday, February 16, 2006

Be an Affiliate and Make Money from Another Site

You don't have to have a product or service of your own to sell on the Internet; you can make money by selling someone else's!

An affiliate program is when a merchant pays you to send someone to their website.

You can be paid a specific amount per sale that you generated, or a click through to their site from yours.

To find an affiliate program that is right for you, two sites can help. One is Commission Junction and the other is LinkShare. These companies help you to find suitable affiliates, apply and manage the programs from their site and even send you one ticket for both affiliate link sites.

Banners will help you make money on your site and they are easy to find.

These banners direct people from your website to the affiliates. Statistics are kept on how many visitors your website directs to them and any sales that come from those visits.

Banners are easily placed on your website, each company will give you specific directions on how to add their banner.

There are seven steps to becoming an affiliate salesperson.

1 Choose what type of website you want.

Be sure it will be of interest to a wide variety of visitors.

2 Choose a domain name that will help you establish
your identity.

3 Find a reliable web host.

You can't make money if your web host is always
breaking down.

4 Build your web page, start out small, and add to it as
you begin getting more affiliates. You can start with
only one page and start making money.

5 Find affiliate programs to join.
One of those to check out is Google's AdSense.

6 Start sending people to your site, market, market, market!

It won't grow without some help from you.

Visitors have to go to your site before they visit one you
are affiliated with.

7 Be patient. The money won't roll in overnight. You can
become a top earning affiliate but it takes work on your
end as well.

Affiliate marketing can be a moneymaker for your site. Pick the affiliates that you best associate with and run with the market.

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