Saturday, February 04, 2006

How to Make Great Affiliate Money Without a Website

There is an affiliate money making method that thousands of Internet Entrepreneurs use which requires no product, no stock, no Website and no huge investment of time or money.

Quite simply you advertise affiliate programs using Pay Per click (PPC) advertising such as Google Adwords.

On Affiliate merchants such as Clickbank there are thousands of informational products that will pay $25+ per sale to the affiliate who referred the customer.

Quite often Affiliates promote these links by creating a website and/or email distribution list.

But these methods take a long time, effort and money to get set up and lack flexibility.

What the smart Affiliate marketers do is create an ad using a PPC ad that costs very little money per click. This ad links directly to the vendor’s sales page with the affiliates unique link (this tells the vendor it was you that sent them). If the visitor purchases the product at this time or shortly afterwards you the affiliate make a referral fee.

Let me give you an example: -

You’re a keen golfer and one day you come across an Ebook, which is the best golfing instructional manual you’ve ever read. It cost $55 but you consider it well worth the money as your golf has improved to a level you never thought possible.

It makes you think there are millions of golfers across the world that all want to improve their game. Many will be looking on the Internet for tips and instruction.

You visit the sales page again and see that at the bottom there is a link for affiliates. You follow the link and see that the author sells his product through the Clickbank network. Each affiliate gets $30 of any sale they refer.

You do a bit of research and see that thousands of people search on the Internet via the search engines for instruction on how to improve their golf swing. You set up a ‘Google Adwords’ account for free and play with some of the golf improvement keywords your search engine research brought up. You find that the keyword phrase ‘golf perfect swing’ although entered by thousands of budding golfers each month doesn’t have that much competition in Adwords and you can purchase a Adword PPC ad that will show up towards the top of the Google result page when someone enters ‘golf perfect swing’. If someone clicks on your ad they will be directly to the Ebook sales page but via your affiliate ID. Therefore if anyone purchases the book after arriving from your ad you stand to make $30.

As you’ve done your research well you’re only charged 10 Cents for each click on your ad.

Therefore as long as you get one purchase per 299 people who click on your ad you will make a profit.

The reality is that as Search Engines provide extremely targeted traffic and Sales pages today are very good you will more likely make at least 3-5 sales per 100 people that click your ad.

Therefore if 300 people click your ads you could make $450 at a cost to you of just $30. A profit of $420!!

The great thing about doing your affiliate marketing in this way is that it is extremely flexible. Quite often fads will come and go in the space of months. Marketing them in this way allows you to jump on when the fad starts and jump off immediately it stops making you money.

With thousands of affiliate programs out there some with lifetime earnings and tiers the possibilities are endless.

Paul Middleton is a successful Internet entrepreneur. He shares some of his secrets on his website where he shows how anyone can make money online working from home. Included are details of how to make great affiliate money without a website.


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