Wednesday, February 22, 2006

On Line Profits - Who Do You Believe?

I’m not sure who to believe when it comes to the world of internet marketing. Everyone claims that you’ll make money fast, and there program provides a residual income our runs on auto-pilot. All these buzz words are enough to drive you crazy. Who do you believe?

The more hype that surrounds a process the more likely you’ll be wasting you money. I prefer to go with programs that have a track record that really work. For that reason I promote affiliate programs like those offered by Amazon, ACE Hardware, Dell and other, what I call “hard good” affiliate programs.

I offer information products from Clickbank, but I do not focus a lot of effort marketing them since so many of the products are poor quality or are out dated. I have nothing against people that market these products; I just prefer to focus my effort on products that have a “tangible” value.

For each product line and sub-product niche I create low cost sites, both Blogs and regular content sites. I write a number of articles related to the product and optimize Adsense ad placement, look and feel, etc.....

Every product and site has its own optimum configuration to attain the results I am looking for.

Typically I am looking for a small return on investment for a large number of sites. I short, no “one” system works for all the products I promote. It is necessary to test and rework every site until I either find the successful combination or I give up.

There is a lot of talk about linking, and general Search Engine Optimization. I have my theories on what works and does not. But all-in-all I do not worry much about my placement in Google’s SERP. I focus on content, product offerings, keyword demand as related to anchor text and domain name. I find the domain name is probably the most important part of getting fast free Search Engine traffic.

In the end I’d rather have 100 sites making $10 per day than one site that makes $30,000 a month. People may think that’s crazy, but I don’t want all my eggs in one basket.

So my answer to “Who do you believe?”..…yourself.

Bill McRea is the publisher of Free Marketing Information Free marking information from a successful marketer that has created a wide range of legitimate and profitable businesses on the interent.

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