Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pros and Cons of Becoming an Affiliate

There are many advantages to becoming an affiliate for a company and earning a commission for sales. One of the obvious ones is you don't have to create your own product! Here is how the affiliate business works:

You first sign up with with a company after a little investigating to make sure they have good products, their commissions are good, and they are honest and will actually pay you when the sell is complete. After you find a good company to work with and sign up, you will be given a affiliate link. This is how the company identifies you and makes sure you get paid for your referrals. Then you need to get people to click on this link and they will get redirected to the company's website.

If the customer buys a product, you get paid a commission. If the customer decides to come back later and buy, don't worry! The websites software will keep track of them and you will get paid even if they come back moths later. Commission is between 1 and 100%, and its pretty common to get 50%. If you plan to only work affiliate programs some of the time, or make it your main focus, you need to have your own website! Now matter what your selling on the Internet you need to be capturing the emails of your customers. That way you can send them future promotional emails to sell the affiliate products. This list can be a great asset to you that you can only get if you have your own website.

Pros of becoming an affiliate:

You can start making money right away! Because the company takes care of everything for you but the marketing, you can put all your focus on making sales. As soon as you can get customers to their site, you are making money.

You can make more money per sale than they do. Good affiliate programs can pay 50%. This is actually a pretty good deal for you because other business expenses come out of their profits so you end up making more money from the sale then they do! Alot of the time a good company will provide you with all the marketing materials you need including pre-written emails, reports, ads, etc.

The Cons of become an affiliate

You are competing with other affiliates for sales. Other people out there are doing the same thing you are! You need to watch out for dishonest companies, or you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

You can have your own affiliates so there is no way to increase the value of your efforts like you could if you were selling your own product.

Becoming an affiliate can also be a great way to break into a market before releasing your own product.It is also a great way to make some money if you already have a large email mailing list.
If you are looking for an unlimited income, you may want to consider developing your own product!

Best Wishes! Maranda Mann

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