Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3 Baby Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

Are you thinking about getting involved with affiliate marketing

This article will give you three simple strategies to start your affiliate marketing career off on the right foot

The key to success in this business is focus and dedication

1)Stop signing up for every new affiliate program that comes your way - stay focused on one to start with.

If you really want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, then sign up with one reputable affiliate program to start and focus on that one program until it is running smoothly. Refrain from joining every program that comes your way... it's just too overwhelming.

Most do it because they think they will make more money but soon discover that they are in fact losing money.

That's the wrong way to play the affiliate marketing game, so just start with one program and stay focused.

2)Select and register a domain name

Owning your own domain name is the first step towards building trust with your potential customers, refrain from using free Website & hosting services as they tend to be associated with scams, schemes or amateurs, in the eyes of the average consumer.

Try to choose a domain name that is closely related to the product or service that you are promoting, for example if you are promoting cellular phones you might want to register a domain name such as www.cell-phone-site.com or something similar.

Although it is not a proven fact,it is believed that the search engines will give more weight to a website that has the major keywords in the domain name, plus it looks much more impressive and legitimate to a potential customer

The Internet has tons of places where you can register domains for about $7 or $8 per year, simply do a search for "cheap Domain names" and go from there.

3)Time to build a Web Site

If you don't know html, you can use free site building software that helps you build a website even if you no nothing about Website creation . You can build a WebSite using any of the sitebuilders you will find online, but remember to transfer your domain name so that you are not using there free domain name & hosting. They will usually charge about $5 a month for hosting.

Owning your own web site is a crucial part to building trust with your visitors and it will also enable you to add unique content which the search engines love.

The more often you update your content the more often the search engines will come back to spider your site which will let them know that your website is fresh and not stagnant, this will help to move your site up the pages of results.

Remember, these three steps are the first steps you will need to follow when starting out in affiliate marketing, all too often an individual will join multiple programs and start submitting the affiliate pages to the search engines (those are the page that have their affiliate ID# on them). The problem with doing that, is that the search engines DO NOT rank affiliate pages well in their search results, so therefore your page will NEVER be seen by anyone.

Search engines are able to tell the difference between affiliate pages and originals simply because the URL will have a ? in it or some other tell tale sign.

So, when starting out in affiliate marketing be sure to take your baby steps first.

Pat Johnson - Is a successful Internet marketer and the owner of RichJerkReviews.com, Check out his Website to read what others are saying about The Rich jerk and his e-book

Pat has many years experience in online marketing and has written numerous articles on the subject.

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