Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All The Way to The Bank With Clickbank

Okay, so you've got your clickbank ID and it's time to start making that mega money you've been reading about that's out there hanging on the internet money tree waiting to be pruned by you, right? I'm sure you certainly hope so.

Clickbank is one of the hottest affiliate programs on the web. The saturation of the clickbank market alone makes earning the mega bucks these money making "gurus" are promising you virtually impossible. Just check any of the search engines and see for yourself how many advertised websites include the word 'hop', 'clickbank' and so on.

This is pretty much unavoidable since you have to have your clickbank ID included in your link to receive credit for any of the purchases. Nevertheless, these sites scream, "Someone's trying to get rich off my hard earned money!". Now some consumers aren't offended by knowing a portion of their purchase is going into an affiliate's pocket but some are.

Here are a few tips that may boost your clickbank profits:

Use A Unique Clickbank ID Don't use your name or nicknames as these draw attention quickly to the fact that it's an affiliate link. Try ID names like: "xyz123", "webfacts567", "netsearch2".

ID names similar to these don't sound as personal as: "trina1979", "djones05", etc.

Incorporate Your Clickbank Links Into Your Website If you're fortunate enough to have your own website, this is an ideal arena to promote your products. For example, if you have a page on your site dedicated to webhosting, this would be a great place to list some of your clickbank links related to webhosting packages. There are a number of different categories for clickbank products that can be placed throughout your website. Be creative.

Check the Page Rank of The Websites/Products You're Promoting Before choosing a product to promote determine how popular that site has been with internet traffic. Example: If your affiliate link is www.ilovemusic.com/?hop=clickbankID, simply type in www.ilovemusic.com.

This is a great indicator of the demand for this particular product or products the site is offering.

Downloading the Google Toolbar which includes page rank for all sites is an awesome way to obtain this information.

Shorten Your Clickbank links Shorter links are more appealing to some. Here are some sites that can help you shorten your affiliate links:


Everyone is tapping into the enormous potential the internet offers for making money online.

Good planning, creativity, and patience will certainly improve the odds on you being one of the many that capitalize on this opportunity!

Roschelle Nelson is the founder and publisher of WAH4life.com. She lives and works at her home with her husband and two sons. http://www.wah4life.com

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