Thursday, March 23, 2006

Make Money Online with a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Webmasters, have you considered partnering with a web hosting provider via an affiliate program to bring quick and easy profits to your website?

If you currently host a website, joining a web hosting affiliate program can not just recoup the costs of bandwidth and server space, but it can make you significant money when used intelligently. Web hosting affiliate programs are also easy and free to join - all it takes is a couple of customer referrals from you in order to bring in a new form of online income.

If you’re happy with your current domain and hosting provider, ask them about their web hosting affiliate program. Often times, customer referrals can bring $50, $60, or even up to $100 account credit for each person that signs up to your provider’s services.

Your host may even offer a web hosting affiliate program that gives you a percentage cut of the sales made when customers you refer sign up for hosting services.

In these cases you may be eligible for cash payments in exchange for promoting their services. This might be a recurring monthly or annual payment. Most web hosting affiliate programs will provide regular payments via check, and often directly to your bank account or even your Paypal account.

Companies which provide internet marketing tools or web design products to webmasters also offer attractive affiliate and partner programs. Such programs can compliment any web hosting affiliate program you have decided to join and can increase your affiliate income with only a little extra effort.

Joining a web hosting affiliate program is easy – just fill out an online form and put an approved link on your existing website. Look for a program with a large range of banners and other advertising material to place on your site, and within minutes you can be on your way to making profits through a new revenue stream!

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