Friday, March 03, 2006

Your Going To Die If ...

...YOU...Don't become creative in your affiliate marketing business it will soon die. I'll give you a good example of a person we've all heard about who calls himself Rich jerk. This guy did nothing new but he is very creative in his marketing techniques, that's why he is popular, that's why he makes millions. Toyota differentiated itself from its rivals by introducing hybrid cars in1997 that's why everybody is talking about it. They may become the world biggest automaker by the end of 2006.

YOU... Don't spend your time at least once a day to think about what you need to do to increase your sales. Your affiliate business is going to die. The solution is to set a time to really think of what can be done to your business like to increase the number of subscribers on your lists or how save more time in my business. That's the only way to save yourself.

YOU...Don't set a time limit to accomplish a particular task. One thing about our mind is that it can increase our imagination rapidly if we force it to do a certain task in a particular time frame. If you as an affiliate don't set specific goals to accomplish for your business, your affiliate business is going to die very soon.

YOU...Don't promote your business virally. You see, not all the time you have the money and time to increase your traffic. The only way to save yourself is to promote your website virally on discussion forums, article directories and even on file sharing. You will be amazed a year later how a job you did today will be making you money without a touch of your finger.

Sincerely. Timeo Busyanya

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