Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hot Affiliate Marketing Tips

There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate programs. There is also a lot of money to be lost with affiliate programs. It really depends on what you want to put into it. So many people out there want to get something for nothing. Sorry to have to be the one to burst your bubble but l that is just not how it works. You need to put in an effort and really work. Here are some tips on being successful in affiliate marketing.

Build a list. If you have been involved with affiliate marketing for any length of time I am sure you have heard the quote "The money is in the list". Well that is very true. You're not just looking for a sale, you are looking to build a following. You need to collect names for a mailing list. To do this, just get a good auto responder set up (you can always start off with a free one).

Give people an incentive to join your list. Give away a free e-book, or write an email course on a topic that you know well.

Now don't spam your list. Send them quality information. You can include a link to a product here and there, but not all the time. You will build a reputation of only recommending something when it is really good. Then your subscribers will be more apt to buy it.

Always answer you emails. The personal touch is what people are looking for. They just don't want to deal with a faceless computer. They want to know someone who cares about them and their future is on the other side. After all they will be giving you their hard earned money.

Start a forum or a discussion group. Have a give away to attract new members. Now you are building a strong community. They see you as the forum administrator so you must know what you are talking about. Also include in your forum signup that they will be auto entered into your newsletter. Now your list is really growing.

Write some articles on the subject of your affiliate program. Work links to your forum, newsletter and product into it. Submit the article to other forums, web sites, and article submission sites. This will give your links very wide expose.

Keep good records of all of your contacts and sales. When someone purchases a product make sure that they are added to your list. You will now be able to sell additional products to them.

The key is to give them a constant reminder that you are there to help them. With all the different products out there you need to keep your name fresh in their heads.

Always look professional. Proofread all of your sales material and use a good spell check.

Remember running an online business is the same as running an off line one, just with fewer overheads. Now get out there and start selling.

Michael RussellYour Independent guide to Affiliate Programs


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