Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Attracting Joint Venture Partners - Unique, Profitable Ideas

Forming a joint venture partnership is a popular method of promoting your products. In fact, when you are just starting to penetrate your target market, partnering up is extremely critical. By getting in touch with the most popular members of your niche, you'll be able to get your offer in front of a huge audience - if you can convince them to promote your product.

As you might expect, the popular "gurus" of a niche are the hardest to get in touch with, which makes things difficult. Many won't respond to your e-mails if you offer them a product that offers them lousy commissions or benefits. You must remember, these people are the "cream of the crop" in their field - most people aren't worth their time.

To drastically increase the probability that they look at your offer, prove to them that you're devoted to your product. You can do these by providing them unique and exclusive benefits:

1.) A week or so ahead of time, allow the guru and their readers to exclusively preview what you offer. Allowing them access before anyone else shows that you "care" more for them than the typical person. They win too, because they gain credibility by being one of the first to announce your product to the world (and profit from it).

2.) Increase your conversion rates exclusively for them. Even the gurus will smile all the way to the bank as they cash their commission check. Many people cringe when thinking about dishing out more commissions - remember that these are sales you wouldn't have easily gotten otherwise.

3.) Give the guru a free, unrestricted look at your product. This will allow them to ensure that the quality of what you offer is high, as well as showing them that you truly trust and appreciate the opportunity to do business with them.

4.) Attach several of your articles to their e-mail for free (already embedded with their affiliate links, if possible) so that it only takes a couple clicks of the mouse to distribute your article to their ezine list or website. Of course, most gurus will also endorse your product in their own writing as well, which will highly boost your conversion rates.

5.) Go back through your sales letter and ensure that there aren't any problems, such as spelling or grammar errors, that are hindering your conversion rates. After all, higher conversion rates will produce more profits for you and your partner and ultimately make them happier, and more likely to work with you again.

Before launching your joint venture campaign, I highly suggest that you maximize your conversion rates. Keep in mind that even the smallest changes you make to your sales copy can result in a huge surge of results.

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