Friday, June 09, 2006

How I Overcame my Affiliate Marketing Problems

I tried hard to make money selling information products on the Internet – I took the courses, bought the products, but I always seemed to be several steps behind everyone else! I would be just starting to promote what everyone else had bought last week.

Yet working full-time and still wanting an extra income, I needed to find a way to earn money that I could do from home, sitting at my computer, late at night when the kids had gone to bed.

Being very non-techy, I managed to put together a website, but it was pretty basic. (I hope you’ll visit it later, and view it sympathetically.) When I listened to all the courses I’d bought, they seemed to over-estimate my HTML skills, or my capacity and time for learning how to do it. What I really wanted was a sales website ready developed for me, that incorporated a repeat emailing system and all the other clever things that every-one but me seems able to churn out in a couple of hours.

Another problem I found with the information products so commonly promoted is that many are of limited appeal – i.e. appealing to other Internet marketers. I was interested in something that would appeal to the general public too, widening my target market. And have you seen the excellent quality of the products that sell for 99c on eBay? Yes, I could write ebooks and sell them on eBay, but how much work did I need to do for 99c? Even for twenty 99c sales! The courses make it sound so easy, and I had a go; but I spent a week writing an ebook, on a subject in which I had specialist knowledge, and my sales have been pitiful.

Surely there was something that would have wide scale, world-wide appeal, with a ready made website, bring me repeat business (vital) and that didn’t need me to leave the house? What I found fitted all these criteria, but would it make money for affiliate marketers?

Yes – because you can send any of your lists details of a FREE competition entry and on average 6% who enter the competition will then buy your product and earn you money week after week with no further effort on your part. Most don’t buy on the first mailing, but once they’re on the list they’ll receive further, professionally written, mailings automatically.

Someone started earning me money over two years after he first joined my list – long after I’d personally stopped contacting him.

Since I discovered this, over three years ago, I’ve been receiving a regular monthly cheque from this one programme and it’s all profit now. No new products to buy – after the first sale, it’s all repeat business.

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