Thursday, July 20, 2006

Affiliate Marketing - Take A Chance

To my mind affiliate marketing would have to be the easiest way for anyone to gain independence that I know of. Imagine that you are in charge of your life,doing something you really want to do,when you want to do it.What freedom! You reap the rewards of your efforts and not some employer who takes the gravy from all your hard work. Affiliate marketing can make this possible.

Anyone who stumbles across affiliate marketing must wonder why it's so popular with so many people. It's because affiliate marketing tempts you with the possibility of riches within a system that is so simple; with an outcome all of us independence at the very least. To achieve all this you agree to sell someones' product for a predetermined commission. In a nutshell that's all there is to it.

It's a simple market to enter because of three basic features affiliate marketing possesses:

Accessibility -Start up cost is negligible. Anyone can

take on affiliate marketing. Flexibility -If one product or tactic isn't

working,move on to another. Portability -Your office is your computer,you can work

wherever you like, probably even


Say for instance you wanted to start a health supplies shop.How much would that cost? I estimate tens of thousands of dollars,but thru affiliate marketing and your computer, your set up costs would be almost zero by comparason.

Many of us go through life without ever taking a chance to gain independance. We may be comfortable where we're at,commitments such as family, mortgage, work, even social life, mean that any thought of actually attempting some life changing venture remains comfortably on the backburner. There is too much at stake to risk all we've worked for.If I look at my own situation, I work in a factory in the evenings, the people are great, the work is easy and well paid but the only satisfying thing I do there is the daily crossword when the boss isn't around.Very cosy but here's where affiliate marketing comes to the rescue.

Affiliate marketing has given me the opportunity to adopt something that gives me the potential to gain my real freedom. I may not get all the way there but at least I'm travelling in the right directon, gaining momentum, and achieving something for myself. All this while I still do the crossword in the evenings and bring home the bacon! It creates a feeling of satisfaction,achievement and independence. And all this without the threat of financial disaster.

Having said all of the above many people fail with affiliate marketing.In all honesty I could not recommend this course of action without stressing that although affiliate marketing is so simple to commence, to be at all successful you have to commit to your new business; for that's exactly what it is, a business just like any other business and must be treated as such to be at all successful.

Please be aware the number one thing that every affiliate marketer must do is communicate! There's absolutely no use having the best website with the best product at the best price if no body knows about it.You have to get your message out there.

I wish you success if you take on affiliate marketing. As it was for me affiliate marketing may be your golden opportunity to strive for independence without the need for capital and the threat of financial armageddon

Geoff Hill is an internet marketer born out of geographical isolation.Internet marketing provides Geoff with an exciting and satisifying career, and his website showcases the best work at home opportunities available on the internet to day.Visit Geoff and recieve his free newsletter and 325 page e book at:

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