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Techniques To Sell In Affiliate Marketing

This article is mainly for the newer affiliate marketer and will focus on some promotional techniques, free and otherwise, to sell affiliate products. In case you're completely new to this, affiliate marketing is selling someone else's products for which you get a commission on every sale you make. It is most often done in percentages than dollar amounts which can vary all the way up to 75% per sale. Some examples of companies than offer affiliate programs are Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Amazon. You can sign up to be an affiliate at any one of those sites to get started, but most I expect, already have an account at those or different affiliate sites.

The techniques to sell in affiliate marketing are very similar to running you own online business as a whole, with some noteworthy differences. The first major difference is the price difference of starting up compared to running a website yourself. It helps to have your own website to promote multiple products at once, but that can be even side stepped. An affiliate marketer has no inventory. You just sell. The business you're selling for has to handle that aspect. In turn, you have no shipping because the main company also handles that part. You just sell the product without worry of taking any orders as that as well is taken care of a step over your head. Overall, it's much cheaper and the headaches are less when you're just generating the lead for the sale and not dealing with all the paperwork and cost of running the entire operation. Get good enough and it's entirely possible to do it full time.

Now, onto what this article is aimed for.

One effective means of selling a product is creating a landing page for the product on your own site. At the end of it is your referral link, sending the prospective customer to the main site to seal the deal. The site itself should have proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) on it so it can also be indexed in search engines. Taking care of this at the start will lower advertising costs because it will direct more organic hits to your site. This may be slow going depending on how often the search engine spiders come by and look at your page. This next way helps this out, as well as be a technique all it's own.

Join any Pay-Per-Click program and create ads for your affiliate landing page. Google and Yahoo are probably the most popular and well known though many others exist. This can be very expensive if you do not know how to make such programs work for you. By creating an ad directed to the needs of your buyers you can sell very profitably. The idea is to created targetted traffic. Volumes of books are available on how to beat the Pay Per Click systems to earn more than you spend so I'm only going to touch on it.The idea is simple though. If you pay 20 cents for a click, and manage a sale every 100 clicks, selling a product with a commission of $25, you've made $5. The more you test your ads the better your clicks will convert into sales. To do this without a site simply put your affiliate link in as the landing page. Some PPC companies don't allow this, so be sure to check their Terms of Service first. Success using Pay Per Click with your landing page depends on many factors from the effectiveness of the ad to the effectiveness of the landing page.

In another direction you can use Web Blogs to sell affiliate products. By posting reviews and articles related to what you're selling you'll help your blog get listed in search egines as well as help visitors decide to buy or not. Blogs are about as close to your own site you can get without buying a domain and because they're easy to update are used quite often in affiliate marketing. After posting something new to your blog you should ping it using a website like Ping-O-Matic.

If you're using a website or blog you want to have some combination of words for what you're selling in your domain name. To use the "bike riding" example from an earlier article you would want something like or This is for SEO to give your site more relevance and placement in search engines. It's recommended you put your site in a separate folder if your own domain isn't well set for your product:

The aim is to always bring targetted traffic to your affiliate site or ad. The more targetted it is the more likely they are to buy so the higher chance you have of getting a commission. It is possible to sell just about anything in affiliate marketing so find a product you like and know something about to start up with. I personally use and recommend Clickbank for affiliate sales and suggest signing up with more than one affiliate program to give you the most options on things to sell.

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