Saturday, July 29, 2006

Viral Marketing Through PLR Products For Your Affiliate Success

by Mark Favin

It's true what they say. Affiliate programs are the fastest and most cost-effective way of earning profit - a lot of profit - online.

Affiliate programs are free to join. You won't have to pay onerous enrollment fees. Simply sign up with their systems and you're good to go.

Affiliate programs also allow you to choose which products you want to promote. You feel that one product is a hard sell? Forget about it and choose another. There are many options available for you.

Furthermore, you're not limited to just one affiliate program. You could join as many affiliate programs you'd want, and each of them can become an income stream for you and your family.

Affiliate programs don't require you to actually sell products. All you have to do is to pre-sell, i.e. advertise, the affiliate merchant's offers. The preparation of the sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, the post-sales support... the affiliate merchant will take care of all these. All that you have to do is to lead people to the affiliate merchant's sales page through your affiliate links. And if these people decide to make a purchase, you'd earn 20% to 95% of the selling price as commission!

Yes, affiliate marketing is all about garnering a lot of exposure for your affiliate links. After all, how would people click on them if they don't get to see the same, right?

And one of the most powerful promotional strategies that you could employ to gain the highest level of success in this field is a viral marketing campaign.

Simply put, a viral marketing campaign is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. It's buzz advertisement at its finest. Create a stir and every person who will receive your viral message would be an advertising vehicle for your online enterprise. They'd spread your message at an exponential rate that would spread so fast to help you achieve a lot of success.

The most common example is an eBook with valuable information which you would distribute for free. Because the content is very important, and because people don't have to pay to receive the same, they'd excitedly share the said eBook to the members of their own network. These recipients would feel the same way. They'd share the eBook to the members of their respective networks as well.

It is a self-replicating process that could possibly go on forever. Soon enough, your initial 5 recipients would become 25. A few more days, and they'd become 125. Then 625, and well into the thousands at such a short period.

How will this help your affiliate marketing campaign?

Imagine this: what if such a viral eBook is populated with your affiliate links? What if you'd recommend products in its pages, with such products hyperlinked with your affiliate links?

Indeed, you'd be able to lead a lot of people to the affiliate merchant's sales page!

And this where PLR products come in.

With PLR products, you could make any alterations and revisions to readymade works. PLR articles can be mixed and matched to form excitingly new eBooks, for example. Two or more PLR eBooks can be broken down into a variety of components and joined together to form a new combination that the market has never seen before. PLR software programs can be re-branded to reflect your affiliate links.

There are so many things you could do with PLR products that would make them great carriers for your viral marketing campaign. Best of all, you'd be able to streamline the creation process of your viral marketing seeds, which can be more expensive and more time-consuming otherwise.

Building a library of PLR products relevant to the subject your affiliate programs are servicing would give you a lot of options for some marketing muscles to push your profits to the next level.

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