Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Affiliate Marketing: The Wheel Works Well

Sometimes there is a need for improvement and overhaul. At other times, there is simply an advantage to be gained via refinement.

Consider two aspects of the early automobile. Steam engine cars were among the first commercially available vehicles. In time, however, the development of the gasoline-based internal combustion engine made it obvious that a major change made sense. The change was made and puffs exhaust began to replace clouds of steam.

Even though the power plant was completely changed and many aspects of the car where altered in the transition, the wheels stayed the same. There was no compelling reason to significantly alter the wheels.

Even today, the wheel remains remarkably similar to those cars of yesteryear. They are still round. They are still attached at the axle. The materials and construction have been refined over time, but even a century's worth of change to the wheel is insignificant compared to the replacement of steam engines with gas.

You may be wondering what this has to do with affiliate marketing. The answer is simply. There may be some things in the industry and in your business that could benefit from a complete change. Go ahead and fix them. The wheels work well, though, you can leave them alone.

In other words, there is no need to reinvent every aspect of the business. That can be a bitter pill for some aggressive and tenacious internet marketers to accept, but it is true. Does compiling a good list and selling to that list work? Absolutely. Thus, you can think of ways to refine it but you shouldn't consider its wholesale replacement. After all, it works.

It is incumbent upon every affiliate marketer to recognize what is working and where problems lie. Finding and repairing problems is an essential skill. Knowing when something is a real problem requiring a complete makeover and when it is a simply a matter of making a small improvement is another.

The smart affiliate marketer will learn from experience. He or she will carefully watch and will interact with more successful veteran marketers and will begin to develop an eye for what really works just fine the way it is and what might require a significant adjustment.

That same affiliate marketer will understand that sometimes you do need to rip the entire engine from the machine and start all over, but he or she will also remember that there is no compelling reason to reinvent the wheel.

Internet marketers tend to be quick thinkers with quite a few ideas and that can be both a virtue and a curse. Their quick wits are what drive them to success. Those same quick wits can also become a small voice in the ear whispering for the reinvention of the wheel. Learning when to overhaul and when to tinker is essential to any affiliate marketer.

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