Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tips for Choosing an Affiliate Company

by Carlette Moore

No doubt, if you are reading this article, you are either interested in working with affiliate companies, or you have already found success. I sincerely hope it is the later!

There is so much to learn about affiliate marketing, that is can certainly be overwhelming and, in many cases, cause the pursuer to throw-in-the-towel. I have been to that point myself, but decided to delve a little deeper, as an out-of-control train going downhill.

It is amazing how quickly we can learn when we put our minds to it! I read everything I could find on various avenues of marketing: search engine keywords, indexing, tracking codes, blogging, forums, classified ads, split-testing, conversion tracking, etc.

"The internet has gone crazy!" I thought. It seemed everyone and their brother was now marketing on the internet. The truth, though, is that the advertisers and marketers are a small percentage compared to the 2 billion on the net. The average success rate for online advertisers is 1 in 10. I don't say that to discourage you, but, hopefully, make you decide to be the 1 that does succeed.

Here are a few tips I found from free online courses, that might be of help in choosing affiliate companies and products. (Most of these ideas are from Chris Carpenter, though written in my own words.)

(1) The two biggest affiliate programs are "clickbank" and "Commission Junction." They provide access to thousand of different products. There is a fee to join, but no monthly charge after that.

(2) Try to find affiliate products that have a high commission rate. Since you're using your time anyway, you might as well make $20 over $5.

(3) Look for affiliate programs that offer a commission on referred buys. That way when a customer you referred buys again, you get paid.

(4) Choose what search engines are best to use. Do a study of their reviews to see what others think about them.

(5) Try to find an affiliate program that is currently popular. (Obviously, surveys and type-at-home jobs are very popular.)I would recommend looking for something that is both popular and interesting to you. If you can find another nitch, your ad won't be smothered just trying to reach to surface.

(6) Make sure the affiliate product you choose has a professional website with a convincing sales pitch. If the ad didn't grab your attention when you first read it, look for one that does.

(7) Choose affiliate products offering a money-back guarantee. This seem to draw traffic and sets the buyer them at ease.

(8) Choose an affiliate program that pays regularly every 2 weeks, rather than waiting for months.

(9) Start out focusing on ONE company or program. You will burn out quickly with several irons in the fire. Once that is up and running, move on to the next one.

(10) If you already have a website, choose a company that complements your website.

I hope these tips will be as helpful in on online pursuits. Things of valuable often require perseverence.


Carlette Moore

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