Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why Thousand Now Play Affiliate Marketing Even If They Thought They Couldn't

by Mark Tern

Let’s see the 6 reasons that make affiliate marketing the best way to start making money at home. This is the simplest way to start your own online business. Many people are already doing it.

The product is already available and you don’t have to spend time or money to build it. The product is in fact developed by the merchant; your duty is just to find as many prospects as possible, such that some of them will possibly buy.

There are thousands of products and services you can choose from. If you have already a website you can find a product in line with your website topic. If you don’t have yet a website, just select a niche which interests you and find a suitable product.

There are no merchant headaches, just prospects: i.e. you don’t have to deal with administrative trivial tasks; just concentrate on marketing.

You do not have to worry about inventory, order processing and product shipping, which are in charge of the merchant.

In affiliate marketing, your responsibility is simply to find prospects for the merchant. You have to find a way to drive traffic to the merchant site using your link with embedded a special code the merchant has given you. If people go the merchant web site with your link and buy, then you have the commission.

The internet is global and every day many more people start buying products on the net. So even if there are many affiliate marketers and there is great competition, you can potentially find thousands of prospects.

What you can’t escape is to learn traffic strategies to find your way into this marketing ocean.

There are no production costs except than for web hosting, autoresponder and advertising.

Further, none of these is mandatory (but they are surely needed if you want much greater chances of success): you can rely on free services and free advertising. This is possible but will make your affiliate marketing life more difficult.

This is because the product is already there and the affiliate programs are free to join.

So: the game is to find as many lead as possible that are really interested in the product you are promoting; they will probably buy it and, again, you get your commission.

How do you find so many lead? With traffic, i.e. people coming to your site through paid advertising or free traffic.

If you have already a website, affiliate marketing is a no brainer for you, as you are already paying for web hosting and maybe you have some traffic. In that case put simply your affiliate link to a relevant product in your website and you are done. In this case it won't cost you a dime and your only risk is to make some money...

No sales experience is necessary to start.

This is because many affiliate programs are already supporting their affiliates with ready made marketing material, including graphics for your website, sales letters, banners, sometimes follow up email for your autoresponder and so on.

You are taking just a minimal risk.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have any long term binding agreements with anyone, so if you find that the product is a time or money waster, just drop it and restart with a better one.

You can start small and part time and increase your income gradually.

The main benefit of being an affiliate marketer is that you can increase your income and make a profit even working part time. As with any enterprise “you get what you put”, so you’ll need extra resources to get the most. However if you are in a tight budget you can just start low, and then increase gradually as your success increases.

So, affiliate marketing is probably the simplest online business available today on the net. You can do it part time, with a tight budget and from your home.

Give it a try. Learn how affiliate marketing is going to benefit also the customer and the merchant and start to learn affiliate marketing the simple way with my Turnkey Money Machine eCourse; you can grab it for free at my website.

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