Thursday, September 07, 2006

How To Succeed As An Affiliate or Reseller

by John Watson

Huge amounts of advice are available about how to succeed as an affiliate or reseller of other people's products. Occasionally it helps to focus on just a few ideas or steps that can be speedily implemented. I find the following ideas useful.

Choose a niche market which sells products that you are interested in. If possible, choose one that you are passionate about. I am passionate about the self-improvement niche.

You can't lose with this niche. Even if you were to sell nothing you would learn much from the products you were attempting to sell.

I have sold quite a few copies of a fairly well known self-improvement book. It was easy to write favorable comments in the sales page for this book because it is a book which has helped me to understand my past failures and to increase my confidence for the future.

I could and still can recommend it to others with a clear conscience because I believe it will help the buyer to improve their lives. If not, they can ask for a refund which will be granted without hesitation.

I can only remember having to refund one copy of the follow up to this book because the reader did not agree with something that was written in it.

There are parts of this author's books which I do not agree with but much of what he writes can change lives for the better. Why chuck out the good with the bad? However, the refund was immediately supplied by me even though I thought the reason given for the refund was a weak one.

Another niche I am passionate about is internet marketing. The more I learn about it and apply what I learn the more interesting it gets. The possibility of making money as well is just the icing on the cake.

If you sell products in this niche with integrity, you will sell products from developers who have a great reputation or products that you have tried out or read for yourself. You will, of course, learn much from testing the products and reading the ebooks before you decide they are good enough to sell.

This reminds me of a second great key to success in affiliate and resale marketing. Only promote or sell products that are of a high quality.

It takes time and effort to ensure that you do not sell trashy products but it will be worth it in the long run as those who buy from you or at your recommendation come to trust and value your advice about which products are worth spending their hard earned money on. .

A third key step is to ensure that you build a list of people who are interested in the niche you are promoting. I am currently building a list of people who are interested in self-improvement and motivation. I am also building a second list of people who are interested in marketing on the internet.

I am building a third list of people interested in self-defence and a fourth list of people interested in religious education. I may well start a fifth list of people interested in general fitness and health. As these lists grow in size, I will be able to recommend a product that I believe in to them.

Some will buy it and others won't. As Jim Rohn might say: "That is the way the world works!"

How do you build your list? One way is to write articles like this which have a resource box at the end which refers readers to an opt in page which asks for their name and email address in exchange for free ebooks or software.

They will then receive an email asking them to confirm their desire to optin. Most will usually confirm and you can then send them a regular ezine or an email when you feel you have something worth saying.

Alternatively, if you have nothing worth saying after a week or so, you can easily discover something worth saying by studying some of the great ebooks, audios and DVD's which are easily available on the net.

Clearly, you cannot just copy what you read about. You will need to filter the ideas through your own brain and your own experience. What you then write will be as original as most writings that are promoted as original.

To sum up the three key steps described above:

Choose a niche you are passionate about. It is much easier to sell something you know something about and are already interested in. Even if you sell nothing, you may well enjoy learning from the products you are attempting to sell.

Make sure that you sell only products that you believe in yourself. This will make writing any ads or sales pages that much easier and you will sound far more convincing than if you know little about the product in question.

Start at once to build opt in lists for all the niches you are interested in. Once you have big opt in lists, you will find it much easier to interest other people to work with you on joint ventures where both of you profit and both of you can increase your own lists with people who are from someone else's list.

Good luck with your marketing. Don't be put off by the fact that there is competition. Other people are selling some of the ebooks I sell but that does not stop people from buying from me. Competition does not necessarily hold you back. You can always add bonuses to a popular product to make your offer more attractive.

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