Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Understanding Affiliate Marketing - How to Profit with the Best of Them!

by Emma Halliday

Perhaps one of the more common strategies in Internet Marketing today is that of affiliate marketing. A practice that originally started from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, this has lead to extending the marketing arm of most companies and further maximizing the web in providing equal and beneficial opportunities to online professional who know their way around the web.

Much has been said about the different schemes of affiliate marketing such as the commonly known pay per click advertisements, referral schemes and pay per sale, similar to that of realizing commissions once a sale has been consummated. Such has become a craze among online individuals who maintain websites and blogs, giving them all equal opportunity to consider online earning through such practices.

The only downside for such practices is that some people tend to focus more on the earning schemes rather than the relevant content of their sites. Some even go as far as being considered spam and useless sites that become link farms as well, just for the sake of having a good page rank with Google. While such an occurrence is deemed only normal, earnings from such may not always be the case, since they may eventually be classified as sites that are home to spam and adaware sites just to increase page ranks without even gaining a single cent for their trouble.

There are so many products, schemes and ebooks you can buy that teach you about affiliate marketing, choosing the right one is a matter of losing money and wasting your time. So how do you choose the right one for you?

Well I suggest visiting forums and review sites, if so many people are saying a certain product is worth it then it probably is. My favourite forum is the, there are so many internet savvy people on there and they are all really friendly too. For a review site try

The top tip I can give you is to actually do something with the information you receive. The reason that 99.99% of people fail on the internet is because they didn't give the product a chance and expected to make money by just buying the product and leaving it.

My advice to you is to try something, give it your all for at least 2 months before you give up.

Good Luck Affiliate Marketer. You can do it.

I have been working on the internet now for over 2 years and I can honestly say I am extremely happy with what I do and thing that there is room for more HONEST people. To find out how you can make money by creating your own product in a matter of days visit here:

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