Thursday, December 21, 2006

Affiliate Marketing A Two Way Street

by Chet Holcomb

When someone has a product to sell they build a website to promote that product and thats fine but, if your not taking advantage to sell your products using affiliate marketing then you are missing out on a major resource for income.

Marketing your product using affiliates is just one way to make money in internet marketing, you can also become an affiliate of another program and sell there products, that may interest your visitors and customers. I guess we could very well call this working both sides of the street!

If you want to promote your product using affiliate marketing first you will need a product that people want to buy then find affiliates. Depending on the product will determine just how easy it will be to find affiliates. The best place to start is by taking part in forum discussion and get known as an expert where you can propose your affiliate marketing project.

Affiliate sites such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and Pay dot com are very easy to use to market your product to the masses and increase your brand recognition with in the online community.

Affiliate marketing is a win win situation for the developer and the affiliate. When you become an affiliate of another product you you can easily earn 20-30% of the product purchase and more, just by referring someone to the product page. All click throughs from your page to the product page are kept track of by the affiliates embedded linking code, wheras all the statistics for purchases are credited to your account.

Chet Holcomb of Internet Promotions Marketing Tools is a successful marketing expert providing advice for web marketers and webmasters on how to promote your website, or product using marketing tools that work. His numerous articles provide a wonderfully researched resource of interesting and relevant information.

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