Thursday, December 14, 2006

How To Make Your Web Site And Affiliate Marketing Compatible

by: Ove Nordkvist

People who look for income opportunities, do often come across the idea of affiliate marketing. At first sight, it looks like it's just to have a banner posted on their web site to generate income.

The truth is that you need to do a little more than that. You have to test and evaluate every necessary ingredient in your particular affiliate marketing niche. By testing and optimize you will learn how to get the most out of your efforts.

To be able to make money from your web site as an affiliate marketer. You need to get your site and your affiliate program to work together. It's a team sport with two players, and to win the matches, booth players have to perform well.

Let's have a look why this compability is so important. Your visitors come to your site because they want information on a specific topic. To be able to recommend a service or a product your visitors may be interested in, you must promote something that are related to your sites theme.

If you try to recommend a product unrelated to your theme, it will only result in a click at the back button. Once your visitor spot a banner or a text link that is not related to your page content. He will think you're unprofessional. Or worse, he might think you try to scam him.

To make the affiliate marketing process work, you must keep your content and recommended products or services related. Your customer visit your site to find information and a solution of his problem. First you provide the information, then you recommend a solution for his problem.

Banner or text link placement is also an important ingredient. It will work best if you can weave it in to your content. Try to make it as a well flowing unit. However, Don't hide the fact that your visitor will land on another web site when he click at your link. Build trust and confidence by being honest. To find the most efficient placement, you have to test and evaluate over time.

Once you've learned to master the art of affiliate marketing, it will give you a repeatable income. When your first program is up and running smoothly, It's time to implement the next one.

All products or services have their ups and downs. Therefore it is wise to divide your sources of income. Your site must have one main theme, but there is no reason why you can't have several sub themes. With that, comes the possibility to promote other products or services, that are related to these sub themes.

When you add more than one source of income, it will balance your income. It will help you to gain a stable financial situation.

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