Monday, December 18, 2006

The Importance of 2nd Tier Affiliate Commissions

by John Gatens

OK, you have a product to promote so you get to work placing your ads on the Traffic Exchanges, ezine ads, emails, perhaps even Google Adwords or other pay per click Search Engines. You switch on your computer each day with anticipation and........Nothing!

Why no sales? Isn't this a great product? Didn't you buy it? Why is no one else buying it?

The chances are other people have bought the product but when they checked it out, there was the Affiliate Program proudly displayed at the top or bottom of the sales page. The buyers have simply done what you would do, they have signed up for the Affiliate Program and then bought under their own Affiliate link. You have lost the sale and signed up an affiliate for someone else and you have not made one cent.

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing.

2nd tier commissions will pay you for sales made by any Affiliate who signs up under you, and although commission will most probably be paid at a lower rate at least you have made something. This is the first basic (and expensive) lesson to be learned by most "Newbies". I was one of them.

I have genuine empathy for the many new Affiliates who bombard my inbox with all the wonderful offers which clearly offer an Affiliate Program with no 2nd tier commissions. Using some of the very good free resources available will at least keep your costs down when you are starting out. So please, if you are reading this article as a newcomer to Affiliate Marketing, pay particular attention to the products you promote to ensure that all your hard work does not go without due reward. There is money to be made with Affiliate Marketing, you just have to take a little consideration with your products.

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