Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Long Expected Remedy: Clickbank's New Tracking System

by Robert Thatcher

An essential factor for success in affiliate marketing is the ability to track and test your results with a service that ClickBank tracking successfully supplies. If you can identify through ClickBank tracking which ads are producing the most sales, as well as who is clicking on them, you can make the most of your affiliate program.

As an Internet entrepreneur, you want to make as much in profits as possible. ClickBank publishers enjoy access to over 100,000 affiliates. Most importantly, ClickBank tracking affords you the ability to monitor your affiliate program and assure that the proper commissions are meted out.

In this age of information and technology, web users prefer to browse the Internet anonymously. This means that affiliate programs have more difficulty tracking the associations between their members and the general public. ClickBank tracking uses a form of cookies to distribute a database of user information throughout the web.

ClickBank tracking is also called the hoplink system. ClickBank tracking records cookies on a consumer's computer. One cookie can hold several records of affiliate referral relationships. Each time a consumer is referred to a new affiliate, the existing cookie is updated by ClickBank tracking.

ClickBank tracking works automatically. Each time a consumer goes to a new merchant, ClickBank tracking goes into effect. The ClickBank tracking server sends the consumer a referral cookie and redirects the consumer to the affiliate site. This new destination is called the merchant's landing page. The location of the landing page, which accepts inbound affiliate referrals, can be set up through the ClickBank tracking settings.

ClickBank tracking works the way it does because of two parallel architectures. The first, or original, architecture is the regular ClickBank tracking/hoplink system. ClickBank tracking has received some criticism for this original architecture's penetrability and inflexibility. Consequently, an enhanced ClickBank tracking/hoplink system came out that works in parallel with the original ClickBank tracking system. ClickBank tracking has hence been improved thanks to the range of new features that elevate security and the effectiveness of the affiliate program.

ClickBank tracking is supposed to encapsulate even more data that will allow for detailed reports of real-time affiliate referral stats and even merchant conversion rates. ClickBank tracking also supports referral links to several landing pages at the merchant's site. Best of all, ClickBank tracking features complete customer service. ClickBank tracking manages sales and commissions automatically and you don't need to have any special equipment or programming knowledge to benefit from ClickBank tracking.

All you need to do to get underway with ClickBank tracking is set up an account. Like any other affiliate program, ClickBank has certain regulations. The next step is to set up a “pitch page” and a “thank you page.” To participate in ClickBank tracking, you need to test all of your links to ensure they are working properly. As soon as you are approved and pay the activation charge, you are on your way to checking your ClickBank tracking results. From here, all you do is set up your affiliate network and see where ClickBank tracking takes you.

By now, you should feel comfortable with ClickBank tracking and how it works. If you feel ready to increase your profit shares, get started with ClickBank tracking. Should any questions remain about the success or viability of ClickBank tracking, research ClickBank tracking further online. Get ready to make the most of your affiliate network with ClickBank tracking!

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