Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Warning: Read This Before You Buy Any Information Products From The Internet

by Rose Mary

Have you ever buy information products from the internet before? If yes, what makes you buy? Is it the sales letter or recommendations from marketers? How many times are you satisfy with the products and how many time are you totally disappointed?

However, if you have not bought any information products from the internet before, this could be a challenging task. Why is it so difficult to buy any information products from the internet? If you ever read the various sales letters before, you will know how attention grapping they are and you will be spoilt with bonuses and money-back guarantee. It is always so tempting that after reading the sales letter, you will immediately pull out your credit card and give it to them.

No matter which group you belong too, the question you must ask is, how true and reliable is the sales letter? Even with the money back guarantee and the various testimonies, should you be taken in?

As a consumer, firstly, you want to buy things that are useful and secondly, you want to buy things that can perform according to the claims in the sales letter. After reading the sales letter and you are convinced to purchase, I believed that you do not mind investing. After all, this is what you are looking for. The last thing you want is to have a useless product and it does not deliver what was being said in the sales letter.

Even though there is a refund policy, it will still be a waste of your precious time to download, try out and finally find out that the product does not live up as it is claimed. As mentioned, since you have decided to invest, money is not so much of an issue; it is the time and effort trying out the product that is frustrating.

At times, some sellers are also reluctant to refund you unless you give them your reasons. This is also frustrating as it is not stated in the sales letter that there is a condition for refund. However, since there are too many frauds in the internet, the seller has to be careful as well. Whatever the case may be, I believe that you do not feel good either to ask for a refund. Even though it may be a genuine case, you might be seen as a cheat. Why go through all the agony?

Buying information product is not like buying physical products where you can feel, see and make judgment. For example, if you want to buy a book, you can go down to a bookstore and read the preface etc, but for an ebook, you cannot. So, your only source of information that can help you to decide is the sales letter.

So how to avoid such pitfalls when purchasing information products from the internet? The answer is simple, since you are buying from the internet; the answer will come form the internet. There are so many forums where you can go and read on people's views on the product that you intent to buy. Just key in the name of the product in the search engine and it will take you to some forums where there will be discussions about the product.

Read the reviews in the forum carefully and use it to make a judgment. To be fair, some products works for certain people while some do not. So you have to take both positive and negative remarks carefully. Best still, join the forum and ask question directly from those that have used the product. I believe you will get some very useful answers.

Spending time finding out the creditability of the product that you intent to buy will eventually save you time, effort and money. Do your research first as it does not take you long to find out. To be on the fore front on the development of information product, you are encouraged to browse and to join Discussion Forums.

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