Friday, January 26, 2007

8 Crucial Search Engine Optimization Tips For Affiliate Marketing!

by Franck Silvestre

It's amazing to see many affiliates struggling to make commissions because they don't know or they just neglect the importance of search engine optimization for affiliate marketing.

An affiliate website well optimized that provides useful information can perform very well if you manage to get it on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN in a profitable niche.

For an affiliate website to attain excellent rankings, you need to take care of these search engine optimization basics...

Let's start by on-page optimization:

1)Optimize your title tags.

Your title tag is very important in the eyes of the search engines, so do not forget to put your keywords.

2)Use the header tag.

It's amazing to see how many affiliates and web masters in general forget to add the most important header tag to their site: H1

3) Use the right keywords on your web pages.

Before writing your articles, be sure to carry out a keyword research and use these keyword along with related keywords in your article.

4) Your web pages must be focused on one or two keywords.

Target one or two keywords only per web page.

While on-page optimization is important for your website, what will really make the difference is off-page optimization. Your link building strategy must follow the following rules:

5) Create good content that will be linked to naturally.

Write for people and not for the search engines. If your content is good, other websites will link to you.

6) Try to get inbound links with your keywords as anchor text.

When you exchange links with other web masters, be sure that they use the right anchor for your site.

7) When getting links, don't forget deep linking.

Your inbound links should not only point to your home pages, but to internal pages as well.

8) Get links for high rankings websites.

Getting links with other websites is one thing, but getting links from trusted websites will have a bigger impact on your rankings in the eyes of search engines.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money on the Internet, and the secret to get good search engine placements is consistency. Follow these steps to be ahead of 90% of your affiliate competition.

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