Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Millions-By Solving Problems

by Anthony Joseph

Lawyers typically make a large yearly income, over six figures. Many teenagers, college students and even adults choose to become lawyers simply because of the money they will make.

Money is what drives them to become lawyers.

Decisions as large as a persons career, based solely one money, rarely achieve the kind of financial gain as originally thought. Although, some will go on to exceed all expectations, a large number will fail at reaching the six figure goal and some will flunk out of school.

Affiliate Marketers are no different.

If you read any of the affiliate marketing forums, you'll quickly see that many of the marketers are focused solely on getting the sale and, more importantly, the commission.

They are so obsessed with making affiliate sales, you'll see these questions everywhere in the forums: "How do I get more sales? What's the best affiliate program to join? How can I make $1000/month?"

These are the most common questions asked by beginner affiliate marketers. What's even more surprising is that the seasoned veteran affiliate marketers, who can't seem to make it all work, also ask those same questions.

It's disheartening to know that several of these people have read countless ebooks, subscribed to dozens of affiliate newsletters and paid for online courses in learning affiliate marketing, affiliate networks and everything under the sun.

You'll also hear this group say things like "this affiliate product didn't work for me" or "that ebook didn't help me at all." Usually these comments come from the people who didn't read the ebook cover to cover. They just skimmed the ebook looking for the information on conversions and commissions.

Yes, there are awful ebooks and product out there. But, you should only listen to what the successful affiliate marketers have to say about good and bad products. You won't learn anything from those who didn't give it a full read.

Like the money hungry, future lawyers, these affiliate marketers are seeing the dollar signs and not putting themselves in the right mindset to be truly successful.

How to be successful in your affiliate marketing (and any other) career

Forget about money and start solving problems.

The lawyers that solve the most problems, or the largest problems for their customers, make the most money.

Likewise with affiliate marketers.

You MUST find out what people want to fix in their lives and point them in the right direction with your affiliate link. PERIOD.

Bill Gates doesn't try to make billions of dollars. He finds out what people want, what they want to do better, easier or faster, and he builds them a solution. PERIOD.

Whether you're a lawyer or affiliate marketer, start solving other people's problems and the money will follow.

It's guaranteed.

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