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Affiliate Programmes - An Easy Way To Make Money Online?

by Nyasani Gitaa

Are the much touted affiliate programmes an easy way to make money online? Following an upsurge in the number of websites on the internet promoting affiliate programmes as one of the easy ways to make money online, I decided to write this article to clarify this issue and hopefully to help those new to the ‘make money online’ game. First and foremost, I want to state clearly that there is no such a thing as an easy way to make money online. If anyone tells you that, be sure that they are only giving you half the story. My honest opinion is that if that was the case, we could all be rich and not waste time scouring the internet as you are doing now to find that ever elusive opportunity to make money online.

But I must also confess that it is possible to make money online promoting affiliate programmes. I have done that and from experience I can tell you that it is not that simple. There are some basics you need to know before you plunge into the murky business of affiliate marketing. Why I am saying this? The simple reason is that many out there have lost fortunes trying to find an opportunity to make money online. So what exactly is affiliate marketing? How can one make money online through affiliate marketing? I will try to be as straightforward as I possibly can in trying to answer these two questions.

The internet, a product of technological revolution has made life a whole lot simpler in terms of how we conduct business including buying and selling stuff. Almost everyone has heard of Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Stormpay, Clickbank and the list goes on and on and on. It has now become possible to be living in one continent and yet conduct business in another continent, thanks to the internet, now the scope and scale of conducting business has grown to truly phenomenal levels.

What do all these companies have to do with affiliate marketing? The answer is simple, along the way if you intend to engage in affiliate marketing you will have to rub shoulders with Google, Yahoo, Amazon and the rest. For lack of an appropriate term I will call affiliate marketing an ‘art’ of selling other peoples’ goods and or services for a commission. An art because there are basic rules you need to learn before you become a successful affiliate marketer. The process of marketing involves finding a profitable affiliate programme to promote. Profitable because the more saleable the product or service, the easier it is for you to make a decent profit. After settling on a profitable affiliate programme, you will need to signup with them as an affiliate. This is where Clickbank and other companies come in. You will the get a unique link to a sales page (affiliate link). This is the page you will promote so that people can buy either the product or service you are promoting. Alternatively you can set up your own page to promote an affiliate product or service. This option can be complex unless you know and understand well the concept of web design.

The most important thing here is finding a way of directing traffic to the page promoting a particular product or service you are trying to sell. And there are two immediate options at your disposal. Getting organic traffic or buying traffic. But be informed that there are numerous other ways of getting traffic and I will deliberately focus on the two because of many constrains. Organic traffic is that sort of traffic generated by search engines. Your page has to rank highly for you to get decent organic traffic (I have explained how to do this on my website http://www.mwagitaa.com).The second option is to buy traffic and this is where Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines come in. With these companies, also called search engines you can buy traffic (through adwords). This costs money and if you don’t know the trick, this is where you will fail and end up losing all your money trying to buy traffic.

Unknowingly, you can spend more and I mean much more that you are making so easily without realizing it. That is why only 1 out of 10 affiliate marketers ably make a decent income from affiliate marketing. You see I warned you earlier that affiliate marketing is not as simple as many masquerading affiliate marketers peddle it to be. If you wish to know more visit my site http://www.mwagitaa.com and register as a member and you will get free e-Books on how to be successful in the adwords and adsense business.

Nyasani Gitaa has authored many articles which have been widely published on many websites and article directories across the internet. Read more about his exciting and informative articles by visiting his site at http://www.mwagitaa.com

Three Steps To Success In Affiliate Marketing

by Dave Holloway

If you are considering starting an online business in Affiliate Marketing there are basically three prerequisites to success. It is possible to make thousands of dollars per month, so called "super affiliate marketers" boast monthly sales in the tens of thousands of dollars. So, what essentials are required to add your name to the list of super affiliates in the world of online marketing?

I have compiled the three key elements that you will need to start your new career in Affiliate marketing.

Step 1.

The first item required is a "product" to market. For those of you who are not familiar with how affiliate marketing works, the basic idea is as follows: The affiliate marketer directs or refers prospective customers via the internet to merchants' web sites where "products" are for sale. An example would be: The Merchant (Jim) has a website called "sportingwaresonline.com" where various sporting goods are available for online purchase. The affiliate marketer (Bob) has a website called "prosportsproducts.com" where he has links to various sporting goods websites. A web surfer browses Bob's site where they see Jim's online store advertised, usually by means of a banner or informative text describing the goods available. Clicking the link on Bob's site directs the prospective customer to Jim's online store, if the customer makes a purchase at Jim's online store; Bob receives his "affiliate commission". So we can see here that Bob's "product" is sporting goods, even though he has no real stock to sell.

Step 2.

If you are planning to start an affiliate marketing online business, you're going to need a website. This is where the "Bucks" are made. There is no chance of success if your website is not up to scratch. The main or "Home Page" must possess sufficient impact to keep the attention of web browsers once they arrive at your site. The site needs to provide instant interest and contain information unique to your "product" or line of products. You should create individual web pages for each specific product. An example would be: At Bob's prosportsproducts.com website he would have one page dedicated to sports shoes, another page for tennis products, another for golfing goods and so on. Always include product reviews on the website to provide visitors with an initial understanding on what the product can do for those who buys them. It is also a good idea to include testimonials from users who have used the product.

Step 3.

The third step is to vigorously promote your website to attract a high level of "traffic" to your online "affiliate marketing store". Without visitors to your site, it will be impossible for you to receive any affiliate commission. Initially you should use "Pay Per Click" (PPC) advertising through the various search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN to get your website seen by more web surfers. You should also write articles, listing information specific to the products available on your website and include a link to your site somewhere in the article (be sure to follow the Article and Author guidelines specific to the publishing site). Submit your articles to e-zines and receive traffic to your website from readers. It's as simple as that. Be sure to write several articles and post them to as many article directories as possible! You never know how many hits you could receive from article readers, and remember if they are reading your article they must already have an interest in the product you are promoting and there is generally no cost for the service as most article directories offer a free service. Writing and submitting high quality articles to article directories is an excellent way of promoting any product or service online. Article marketing offer you a two fold benefit, firstly, establishing your product knowledge and expertise to readers, secondly, increasing the traffic to your site via your website address in the articles you have written.

The key to successful affiliate marketing and earning a genuine income is selecting the right product or opportunity, and following proven information or guidelines that will produce online success and financial reward. Affiliate marketing will require time and effort on your part, however getting started is a fairly simple process. By using these tips you will be well on the way to earning your first of many "pay checks" from internet affiliate marketing. If you are interested in starting your internet home business you can find more information here at http://www.workathomeasy.com

Dave Holloway has successfully promoted home business opportunities from his website http://www.workathomeasy.com providing information to anyone considering an online work from home business.

Why Do You Absolutely Need Web Stats To Run Your Affiliate Business!

by Franck Silvestre

One of the main weapon of your business is your website, and one of the strongest and often overlooked elements of your site is your web stats.

If you are an affiliate marketer and you don't have your own website, you are losing thousands of dollars in commissions. Learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer here: Affilorama

You need to set up a system on your website to monitor your web pages performance. You need to get all your site statistics in one place.

Putting those stats on your site is as easy as adding your beloved adsense codes on your web pages. You need to add a piece of code on every pages of your site.

Why do you need web stats?

You need to know what your visitors are doing on your sites. How they land on your site, from which pages they are coming and from which link they quit your website.

It can be useful to know from which country your readers are coming sometimes. You may want to translate your site in French in you see that many people are coming from Canada or France for example.

When you know the entry point of your visitors, you can implement a winning strategy. It is possible that your visitors are not landing on your site through the home page for example.

You need to know what are the pages that visitors find on the search engines. With this knowledge, you will be able to put your money making links in a strategic place, and get more leads or earn more money.

With a good stat counter, you will know exactly which link your visitors are clicking on your site. If you find that a particular link get more attention, you will be able to take advantage of your knowledge to redirect visitors to your products or affiliate links.

What I found to be like gold with a web statistic counter is that you can find the best keywords for your website. It is more powerful than any keyword tool since you get direct access to real visitors searching for your site.

You can then target the long tails and gain hundreds of visitors a month to your website just by adding new articles optimized for these specific keywords.

Best of all, you can get all these information for free. Just log in your web hosting control panel and click on the web stats logo. You get access to several statistics programed including webalyzser and awstats.

The best is awstats without a doubt. You will get a goldmine of information for your website. I also use sitemeter for some of my blogs.

You can double your monthly income just by monitoring your web stats on a weekly or monthly basis. So don't delay, just log in your web stats today to multiply your website profit and find the best keywords for your articles.

About the Author

Franck Silvestre, is a affiliate marketing expert. Download his Amazing Free ebook here:Make Money With Clickbank and discover how to Increase Your Website Traffic.

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Selling Products As An Affiliate Merchant

by Kathryn Lively

For the Internet user who want to turn a simple website into an effective income generator, the buzzword to know these days is "affiliate." Browse the more popular merchant sites like Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and other big players and you may notice everybody is offering an affiliate program. Sign up today and earn a percentage of sales attributed to your site, read the promotional ads. You might think to yourself that it is too good to be believed, but in truth a well-constructed website can earn its owner money.

If enough thought and investment is put into the site, one may easily earn enough to devote energy to the site on a full-time basis. It may seem like a dream, but one must note that becoming a "super-affiliate," a person who is sustain solely through affiliate earnings paid out by different merchants, requires work. Being an affiliate involves more than just setting up a website and waiting for the profits to roll in. First, you must know what to do, what to sell, where to get the products, and how to sell them. Thorough research of the world of affiliate marketing will give you the knowledge you need to succeed on the Internet.

Learning About Affiliates

In the Internet world, an affiliate is somebody who signs on with an online merchant to sell products from his website, e-mail newsletter, or online forum. An affiliate doesn't have to buy and store product at home, but merely adjust his Web space to include point of sale links to the different products for which he wishes to earn money. The owner of a baseball website, for example, may join affiliate programs for sporting goods stores or sports collectibles stores, and provide links and graphics for baseball cards, equipment and memorabilia. Visitors who click-through to merchant sites from the affiliate sites are tracked by special HTML code, and as each visitor buys from the merchant, the affiliate gets a percentage of the sale.

Seems like easy money, but in reality a number of affiliate programs offer 10%-20% of the sale price to affiliates. For a website owner to make money as an affiliate, visitors must be compelled to visit often and buy often. Affiliates must choose products wisely, and offer enough content on site to keep traffic high.

Setting up Shop

It is important for your affiliate site to look as professional as possible. Purchase a domain name conducive to your selling points, and webspace. Free site space is already cluttered with ads, and long URL strings are difficult for visitors to remember. Choose a template and color scheme that is attractive yet not distracting, and present your links and sale banners for the products you wish to sell visible and working properly.

Maintain a focus on one style of product as you sell. Let the Amazons and Overstocks of the world remain the clearinghouse. Select one corner of the pie as your own for promotion. Whether you choose health products, sporting goods, books or food, design your site around the products. Entice potential customers with strong content and articles. Employ SEO tactics like site submission, good META data and a weblog for regular updates about your products and related topics. Become an expert on the products and topics and write articles for other sites, encouraging them to link back to you for popularity.

As you foster your affiliate site, you may see traffic grow and eventually sales attributed to your work. The important thing to remember about building an affiliate site is to not treat it as merely an overgrown link to a product on another site, but as a database of knowledge, a place visitors can view more than once, and buy again and again.

Kathryn Lively is a writer and affiliate manager for Nutranique, Inc. She helped start the affiliate programs for FlowCushion, the alternating air pressure seat cushion for travel, for RainFloresta, distributors of acai and other products from the Amazon, and for Compuslim, offering hoodia appetite suppressants.

Affiliate Website Tools That Every Business Needs to Succeed

by Brian Cotsen

Affiliate tool #1 - A Website

No matter what you've read online you need a website to succeed in affiliate business marketing.

Not only does it give you a platform to sell from it helps create trust & confidence in your products with your visitors so that they click on the affiliate link.

Don't believe the Siren calls that tell you that you can make an income from a blog with affiliate links or directly from adwords with affiliate links direct to the affiliate product.

Visitors need convincing that the affiliate product is worth their hard earned cash.

Your review, comparisons, appraisals and endorsements will be the deciding factor.

Why else to you need an affiliate website

To offer other resources that draw visitors back to your website and therefore increase your conversions of visitors to buyers. Resources like:

  • Articles
  • Audio files
  • Reviews of the products
  • Endorsements & testimonials
  • Free tools and software
  • Membership area
Don't forget to look for ways of selling using these 'free resources' areas. Embed links to your affiliate products or pages within your website.

Opt-in forms for your newsletter and other incentives. - Generating a list of targeted visitors is a fantastic use of your website.

Somewhere to sell your own product. Even if you don't have anything to sell now, you may well do in the future, either one that you have developed yourself or something that you have the resale rights to.

Highly optimised pages for you to display adsense ads as an extra revenue streem.

A way to develop your brand.

Somewhere to place links to other websites. This would form part of your search engine optimisation strategy.

Affiliate tool #2 - An Autoresponder

Almost every website, whatever their business, affiliate, drop shipping, ecommerce or membership or even simple adsense websites will benefit from this most essential of tools, an autoresponder.

Not just having but Using this tool is the key to a successful affiliate business, Why?

Well what is the fuel of your busines? Your visitors and their cash.

Now every good businessperson will tell you that it costs more to develop a new customer than it does keeping a current one.

This is the same for your affiliate website. If you get 10,000 visitors a day then you don't want them all leaving and never returning again. You've done the hard work of telling them about your website and getting it seen on the search engines, now capture their email addresses and keep in contact with them so that you can tell them about all the new offers you have in the future.

Autoresponders allow you to do this and can dramatically increase your affiliate click through and revenue. Take a look at AWeber or GetResponse for more on autoresponders.

Affiliate Website Tool #3 - Article Submitting Software

Well before you can capture those visitors email addresses you somehow have to generate visits to your affilaite website.

One great way that has many fantastic spin-off benefits is to write and submit articles to the many article submission & syndication websites.

By writing good, keyword rich articles all about lyour affiliate products you can send visitors both directly to those affiliate products, via your affiliate link, as well as directing them to your website.

Plus - you increase the number of high quality backlinks to your website.

Plus - Other website owners may use your content and put it on their website, along with a backlink to your website... more backlinks, more exposure to your affiliate links, more exposure to your brand.

Plus - You get lots of lovely, keyword rich content for your own affiliate website. Great for search engines to pick up and index and also good for you to put adsense ads on for lots of extra income.

For more on article submission tools see www.simplewebsitemarketing.com

Affiliate Website Tool #4 - Link Cloaker

You may not consider this an essential... but I do. You've worked really hard to:

  • Build your website
  • Build your list
  • Build your article submission and search engine optimisation.
Now you're getting 100's and 1000's of visitors to your website so the last thing you want is to have your hard work stolen from you.

Link fraud is serious and on the increase and you can loose a big chunk of your business as a result. By cloaking your links you are protecting your income.

The other advantage is that it can help to encourage visitors to click the link. Why? because cloaked links look neater and don't appear to take the visiotr off to some unknown destination.

So hide those ugly links with a link cloaker. Take a look on google for 'free link cloaking tools'.

Affiliate website tool #5 - A Great Affiliate Guide

Like all great explorers, you need good maps.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel or reinvent how to run a successful affiliate business, just follow the advice of someone who is already successfully running an affiliate business. If you ask me then I recommend any one of the following three super affiliates

  • Ros Gardner's 'Super Affiliate Handbook'
  • Jeremy Palmer's 'Quit Your Day Job'
  • James Martell's 'Affiliate Marketers Handbook'
All offer a unique and usable guide on setting up and running a profitable affiliate website business.

To recap

  • Build a great website
  • Use an Autoresponder to capture your visitors email addresses
  • Write and submit articles using an article submitter
  • Use a link cloaker to protect your online revenue
  • Invest in a great book to guide you to success

Brian Cotsen writes articles & reviews tools to help you succeed with your website or online internet affiliate marketing. http://www.simplewebsitemarketing.com/article-announcer-review.htm

Quick Tips For A successful Online Business

by Nelson Cintron

So you want to start your very own, brand new online business? Well good for you! Consider it a fortunate first step toward the fulfillment of your goals. Let me help.

Read on.

Yes, it's best to start from the beginning; YOU. As a newbie, you want advice. Well, here are some helpful guidelines for newbie biznetizens. Keep them in mind:

· Be cautious. Before you throw your hard earned money into your new venture...READ, READ, READ! Firstly, become familiar with the market that interests you. Do your home work!
· Learn from the Pros. Consider their advice. Explore the options presented to you, analyze them, jot them down, organize them for future reference and brainstorming.
· Remember a few key elements to ANY successful business: Persistence, Commitment and a Positive Attitude.
· Be realistic. Online success will not come overnight. Expect to work hard for your money. Don't hold yourself back and never quit!
· Above all, be ethical.Trust is best gained through honesty! And ...
· Be Patient. Learn as you go. Prepare yourself for setbacks. Internet business is no piece of cake!

Alright, so you have decided to go for it. Very well!. What do you need to get started?
· A product to sell- Be it your own or someone else's (there are many affiliate sources out there to choose from) With time you will be able to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff.
· A website- Your web page- call it your online store- to show your products.
· Advertising- Promotion is the key to online success.
· Traffic- The result of your advertising strategies which will include email campaigns, ezines, ebooks, newsletters, e-courses, e-seminars; Quality Content delivered via an autoresponder.There are many free and paid versions to choose from. It will turn out to be one critical decision, trust me.
· Optimize your website- Known as SEO- an art in itself.
· Search Engine Submission- Submitting your website to the main SE is becoming trickier by the day, so consider many other avenues available to position your website to the top ten SE results.There are tons of services and software to accomplish just that. Again, be on your guard. When signing up for ANY online service, read de terms of Agreement first!. Know what you are getting into, please!

When applying these basic principles, be consistent and they will steer your online business in the right direction!

See you at the top ten!

Nelson Cintron manages Nelson eBook Central, a website for the newbie marketer. Find it at: http://www.nelsonebookcentral.com

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4 Types of Site You Can Build For Extreme Adsense and Affiliate Profits

by James Penn

Adsense and affiliate marketing is extremely hot in the marketing world right now, primarily because of the fact that you need not spend hours and hours of tedious writing to create a product that you can sell for $27 or more. This article will outline the four major ways you can build a website to profit immensely from both of these methods.

The first type of site you can create is the traditional niche content website. This method involves you building a site from scratch. You need to create a template, add content and implement your adsense and affiliate links. You can download free templates or pay for someone to create you one. You can collect content from free reprint articles from directories or you could use private label articles – you could even use a mixture of all three.

The second type of site you could build is a blog. These are great because of the way you can automate some of the tasks and because of the fact they are free to set up and maintain. You can get a free blog at www.blogger.com and select one of the free pre made templates. Slightly edit the template to include adsense and affiliate links. Once that’s done you simply need to add content and you can do that like you did for the first method. Post to your blog once per day for the first month, 3 times per week for the next month and then once per week for the rest of the time and you will have a blog producing a consistent income stream for months and years into the future.

The third type of site you could create is an article directory. I’m sure you’ve seen them before and I’m sure you’ve used them before, but have you ever owned one before?

You can find free software to power your article directory and once it’s set up and you have a regular stream of traffic, you will have tens, then hundreds, then thousands of authors submitting content to your site on a daily basis. That means thousands of new pages with your adsense ads and affiliate links being created every day.

There are thousands of article directory sites out there now however and competition is fierce. You should perhaps consider setting up a niche article directory on a particular subject, so that you can dominate that niche market.

The final type of site you could create also involves profiting from content your visitors submit. Setting up a forum can be very profitable, especially as you can build a relationship with your website visitors and they are more likely to purchase or click on something you recommend.

These four methods of building niche websites can prove to be very profitable in creating regular and explosive streams of adsense and affiliate income and the best part of this system is that you can make money even if you don’t work on your sites for weeks or months on many occasions.

Don’t expect this to be an easy method online money making however. You still need to build your websites, promote them and tweak them for maximum earning potential.

James Penn runs a number of successful internet businesses. To discover how to set up automatic internet income streams that will generate you consistent profits for many years to come, click the following link - http://www.insanepassiveincome.com

Why The Affiliate Marketing Model For Beginners?

by JY Chia

Why The Affiliate Marketing Model For Beginners?

First of, there are many business models for you to choose that will earn you money if you focus and be good at it.

You are going to have a closer look at the affiliate marketing model in this article, and let it help you to choose if affiliate marketing is for you.

First and foremost, I am sure you will agree with me that running a business online with whichever business models is so much more affordable as compared to running a traditional business.

That’s basically a benefit that all online business model shares.

1. Low overhead to start and maintain your business

Now with most online businesses, you would require basics like domain name, hosting, website, webpage, autoresponder.

However with the affiliate marketing model, for beginners, you do not need to buy these. These will be provided by the merchant.

2. Your starting cost is literally $0/-

So you may be asking, “what do I do then?” and “do I have a business?”.

The answer is absolutely!

You still do have a business, even for a start you do not invest in all these tools. You main business is to drive traffic!

3. Your ONLY job for a start is to drive traffic!

With regards to traffic, there are 101 ways, my personal experience is you focus in one, test it out for a few months and see if it is bringing any results.

This is the Power of 1 in play. It is crucial and with your focus to dig the 1 traffic inside out, you will become good at it as time passes.

Hence, these are the 3 benefits why a beginner should consider starting a affiliate marketing business.

Let’s do a quick recap and these are the 3 benefits:

1. Low overhead to start and maintain your business

2. Your starting cost is literally $0/-

3. Your ONLY job for a start is to drive traffic!

Let these 3 benefits help you choose if affiliate marketing is what you want to begin with.

JY Chia is an Expert in Helping People to Earn Additional Income by Setting Up Part Time Internet Business. JY is supported by a team who had recently earned more then $10,000 within 24 Hours.

For further recommendations, please visit my website at http://www.PartTimeInternetBusiness.com and my blog at http://www.ChiaJiaYu.com

Affiliate Marketing Tips - The Different Types Of Affiliate Programs

by Simon Akers

If you have decided to promote other people's products as an affiliate you may not be aware of the different types of affiliate programs available to you. So if you are serious about affiliate marketing you will want to know which option best suits you.

The most popular type of affiliate program involves the product owner offering a percentage of each sale as a commission to affiliates. Most affiliate programs will offer 50% commissions but some will offer as much as 90% commissions. This is a single tier affiliate program where affiliates are only paid for the sales that they refer.

Some affiliate programs will also give you the opportunity to recruit secondary tier affiliates and earn a percentage commission from each sale that they generate (normally around 5% to 10% per sale). Occasionally you may also find an affiliate program that offers multiple tiers allowing you to profit from sub affiliates on many levels.

Single tier affiliate programs are what most people are familiar with as they are the most common but its not the only way to profit from affiliate marketing. Its now possible to earn commissions for each lead that you refer and even each click that you generate which can be far more lucrative than just getting paid for each sale.

These type of affiliate programs are classified under Pay Per Performance where you are paid for each sale, each lead, or each click that you generate. So whenever someone you refer takes action and completes a certain task you will get paid a commission by the merchant.

Pay Per Click

This type of affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for each click that you send to the merchant's website and you will still get paid even if the person doesn't actually buy anything. The problem with this is that the commissions are usually very small so it requires a large volume to make it worthwhile.

Pay Per Lead

This type of affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for each lead that you send to the merchant's website so you will get paid whenever one of your referrals fills out a form with their details and you will get paid a small commission ranging from $1 to $20 or more. Because this can be so lucrative its much harder to find these types of affiliate programs.

Pay Per Sale

This type of affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for each sale that you send to the merchant's website so if the person doesn't actually but anything you will not get paid. Because its harder to get people to order you will be rewarded with large commissions as high as 90% of each sale that you generate.


This type of affiliate program allows you to earn a residual commission for each sale that you send to the merchant's website so not only will you earn a commission from the initial sale but also on a recurring basis usually each month. This is fast becoming one of the most popular types of affiliate program because you get rewarded multiple times for the same amount of effort used to generate a single sale.

Choosing which type of affiliate program is right for you will depend on what your budget is and what type of website you have. If you have a large content website that generates a lot of traffic you may find it more profitable to find a Pay Per Lead affiliate program rather than the traditional Pay Per Sale.

But if you have a large budget to spend on advertising you should try to find a residual affiliate program in order to generate maximum profits. Its just a case experimenting and testing the different types of affiliates programs to see which best suits your website or budget.

This article was written by Simon Akers who is the editor of the Marketing Oasis newsletter, a free internet marketing ezine packed with tips to help you succeed and increase your profits: http://www.MarketingOasis.com

A Simple 5-Step System To Start Affiliate Marketing Today

by Darren Goh

Affiliate marketing is indeed the lazy man’s best friend to making money online. In fact I would surmise a guess that 90% of people started internet marketing doing affiliate programs.

If you are new to internet marketing, I like to share with you how you too can profit from affiliate programs. Some technical know-how on using webpage editor like Microsoft FrontPage to do up a simple sales letter web page with an opt-in form will certainly be an advantage. In this short article I have to assume you do. Otherwise go to additional resource at the end.

With some practice, you can easily replicate these 5-step system in a day and create as many affiliate sites as you like.

Step 1 : Choose A Profitable Market

Decide on which market you like to enter. Try and choose something that you have either a deep passion in or some expert domain knowledge.

Research on what is the market potential by going to yahoo overture at http://overture.inventory.com and find out how many people search on a related keyword or keyword phrase last month! A number above 50,000 will be ideal.

Step 2 : Choose A Profitable Affiliate Product

Next go to clickbank.com which is the world’s biggest online marketplace for digital products. Look for a profitable affiliate product in your niche under Marketplace.

Take your time to shop for the best program to promote. If you can, try out the product yourself to see if it passes your quality check. You certainly do not want to recommend a lemon to your customers.

A good program is one that :
• pays you above 50% referral commission
• ranks high on the popular and best-selling charts
• has a well-written sales pitch page that you yourself are convinced

Once you selected the program, sign up with Clickbank and get your hoplink to your chosen program.

Step 3 : Create A “Look-alike” Opt-In Page

Next, create a simple Opt-in page that sort of resembles the look and feel of the merchant’s pitch page.

Do not just copy and paste text from your merchant’s website. This is not ethical unless you sought prior consent from the owner. It may be quick and fast but the market will know soon enough trust me unless you are some kind of fly-by-night business which will self-destruct on the internet as all the fundamentals of business practice will still apply online.

An opt-in page is one where you can collect your subscriber’s name and email before you point them to the hoplink (the merchant’s sales page). By doing so, you are building yourself a list of customers where you could build relations with instead of starting from ground zero again when you market a 2nd affiliate product.

Try and give away a freebie for people to opt-in if you like.

Step 4 : Use An Autoresponder

Your prospect may not buy from you at the first attempt. If you know how to use an autoresponder, this is where you could simply write a series of “sales-pitching” emails to convince your prospect over time. A good rule of thumb is about 5 to 7 emails.

Highlight one unique selling point of the affiliate product in each email.

Do not spam your list. If they will not buy from you after 5 emails, they probably will not buy from you at all.

Step 5 : Drive Traffic To Your Opt-In Page

With all your autoresponder emails set up, the last task which is the most difficult is to drive traffic to your website.

For quick results, invest a little in pay-per-click ads from Google, Yahoo or other smaller search engines. If you have painstaking performed each step so far and have picked the best affiliate product to recommend with a strong and convincing sales letter coupled with equally well-written follow up emails, you should clocked some sales after a while.


Try this no-nonsense 5-step system to start your 1st affiliate marketing opt-in page today and simply replicate the 5 steps again for your 2nd affiliate product and so on.

Good luck to your internet affiliate marketing business.

Additional Resource

Download your Free 20-page Special Report for more internet marketing tips at http://www.internetmarketingwise.com Darren Goh is a successful internet marketer maverick based in Singapore and author of “Internet Marketing Wise Part I – Beginner's JumpStart Manual”.

© Copyright 2007 Darren Goh

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tips and Motivational Strategies to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

by Kanaga Siva

The general perception about Affiliate Marketing is that you simply have to pick an affiliate program start promoting a product and you are instantly transformed into a successful Affiliate Marketer. Yes, this is the scenario in the Internet Marketing world today, with hundreds of people taking to affiliate marketing everyday.

Whatever reason people may adduce for choosing to be an affiliate marketer it is obvious that everyone would like to have a crack at affiliate marketing because of the ease with which you can get started. This is in spite of the fact that only about 5% of the online entrepreneurs really make money or make it to the big time. If success is only for a small percentage of the affiliate marketers then what is the secret behind their success.

Be Smart:

To succeed you have to be smart , act wisely and remain smart all the time. You should have a Website or even a Blog which will help you to promote your product. Do some research and choose a niche product that is easily marketable. You should select affiliate programs that bring you a decent commission with regular monthly payments. Additionally your affiliate marketing experience will be much easier if the affiliate program provides you with Tools, Tips, Training and possibly a website. Promoting your website, writing articles and generating traffic to your website will be your major activities.

Be Confident:

Confidence plays a major role in the success of your business. You have to believe in yourself and in whatever you have decided to do. “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy” Norman Vincent Peale

Do Hard Work:

Unless you put in a lot of hard work you can never dream of success in any business. Money cannot be made that easily. All Internet Gurus promoting their Secret Systems finally insist that their method should be strictly followed to succeed and that is in other words pure and simple hard work. Hard work pays. There is no substitute for hard work.

Be Committed and Dedicated:

”Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans.” --Peter F. Drucker Success comes only to those who are completely committed to whatever tasks they have undertaken to do. In affiliate marketing too working with commitment , dedication and self motivation will ultimately bring you the rewards you are longing for.

Be Willing to Learn:

The Internet is brimming with new technology. The great advances being made in the field of website promotion and traffic generation are all great benefits for the affiliate marketer. Those who take advantage of these developments will always be ahead of the competition. Hence the willingness to learn especially from successful affiliate marketers and updating your knowledge regularly will ensure success in affiliate marketing.

Find the Time:

You should give up the idea of affiliate marketing if you are not prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time for it everyday even if you are doing it on a part-time basis. Since the financial investment here is low unlike in a brick and mortar business there is a general tendency to be slack. Affiliate Marketing cannot be treated as a hobby. You must find the time and treat it as any other business if you want to succeed and enjoy doing it.

Have a Balanced Temperament:

The perception in the minds of many is that affiliate marketing is a bed of roses. You simply have to set it up and put it on Auto-Pilot and money will start flowing in. Practically it is far from it. You are going to be the pilot, face all the turbulence, the ups and downs and navigate your business to success. To face all these situations and pressures a balanced temperament is essential.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money from home. The rewards can be great. Successful Affiliates are aware of this. They did not give up. Failure was no option. Success was their goal. They made it to the top, inspiring others to follow them.

Copyright © 2007 Kanaga Siva.

Kanaga Siva is an experienced Author and Marketer. Welcome to visit his Internet Home-Based Business Website and Affiliate Marketing Blog for an Affiliate Marketing experiencere that can help you make money. http://www.business-fromhome.com

Make Money With Affiliate Programs: 4 Proven Steps To Success

by Aaron Krall

Phil signed up for a great affiliate program and was ready to start making money. His affiliate paid out $67 commission, and calculated that with just 8 sales a week he would be making about $1,000 a month. (Not bad huh?) He set up a Google Adwords campaign that would cost him $50 per month, wrote a few articles and submitted them and waited for the money to start rolling in. He waited. And waited. And....waited. After one month he ended up with three sales. After doing the math, he made about $100.

This case may seem a little extreme, but it may not be as far fetched as you think. Most affiliates don't even get as far as Phil! 99% of all affiliates barely make a living on the Internet while the other 1% are making a killing! What is the difference? Why do so many fail? Well, what Phil and the other 99% don't understand is that there is a lot more to affiliate success then just sending potential customers to an affiliates site. The next 4 steps will reveal some secrets of top affiliates. They are simple but their simplicity should not be overlooked. Follow them and you will succeed. Period.

First, select an affiliate program that pays out a good commission. Anything less than $20 should not be considered. Then you should buy the product and use it. A personal, honest recommendation is very convincing and will help you in your credibility. Make sure your affiliate program provides you with enough materials to help you succeed. Some affiliate programs will actually give you a re-brandable ebook to brand with your affiliate links that you can give away. Either way you will have to have some kind of free ebook or report to give away, so if your affiliate doesn't provide you with one you can buy one or make one yourself.

Next, you need to get an auto responder. This is how you will contact the list of people you will be creating, but don't worry I'll get to that. There are lot of auto responders out there, but www.aweber.com is the best, hands down. I would say more than half of all Internet marketers are using aweber. You will also need some follow up emails but we'll get to that in a second.

Now set up your email follow up. It should be about 6-10 emails that reminds them about the report they downloaded, and introduces them to your affiliate program. For instance, you could say something like; Hey thanks for getting Top Ten Secrets of Super Affiliates! Before you read it, go get a copy of (insert affiliate here) before the price goes up. It will reveal all the secrets of the world's greatest affiliates. Something like that. :) Your emails should be short, but effective. Oh yeah, send them another freebie that they weren't expecting. They will love that, and it will increase their confidence in you and the chance they buy from you will increase!

The last step is to advertise for your free report or ebook. Article writing is the best way to do that for now. It's free, and until you get a website it's your only choice. In your article resource box, have your reader send a blank email to your auto responder to get your free report. Submit 3-4 articles a week and before you know it you'll have a list growing. It will take a while to build your list, but it will become invaluable to you.

There you have it. Using these simple steps you can make money with any affiliate program. Now go out there and get started! Don't get discouraged if you fall a few times, the important thing is you go out there and make some progress. Here's to your success!

Aaron Krall brings you the: Affiliate Money Machine. => How would you like to steal a 7 step proven instant cash flow system that is guaranteed to fill your bank account with cash? Get your $67 Affiliate Money Machine now at no cost to you! Free for a limited time only! Instant Access Here: http://www.truforyou.com.

How To Choose The Right Affiliation Product

by S Bothwell

Making a mistake when choosing an affiliation partnership WILL cost you profits. By doing some simple research and analysis before you choose, you can maximize you revenue.

Here are some tips to ensure you affiliate relationship is highly profitable.

Know you website visitors and target the affiliate product to them. If your website is about disco music and great disco’s, then you are unlikely to make many sales of herbal remedies for arthritis. I realize it might sound blatantly obvious, but the choice of affiliate product is very wide and this targeting very subtle among potential affiliate products. Write down a list and use the points below to further refine that list.

Do my visitors have disposable income, and how much do they have? This will determine the type of product to offer, luxury non-essential goods can only be sold to people with disposable cash. Essential items at a good price can be sold to those with little cash to spare who are keen to make their money go further.

Research the products and profits that can be made from each taking into consideration ease of sale against profit per sale, quite often it can be more profitable to sell a high demand product many times, rather than attempting to sale a niche item once.

Read the term & conditions to find out what qualifies you to get your money – you will often find that many affiliates have restrictions on the actions required by your visitor before they pay out.

What does the affiliate provide to you to help promote their products. Do they offer free prizes, do they offer discounts, do they provide quality graphics, and do they have a support system for both you as an affiliate and any potential customers from your site.

Once you have chosen your product and completed the steps to install on your website, test it. Why shouldn’t you, you have a right to know that it works. If you find an affiliate is reluctant to let you test the process then be very wary.

S Bothwell is the owner of http://www.prizepromotions.co.uk A website which offers the ability to offer free prizes directly from affiliate websites and earn profits from it

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why I Hate Clickbank And Most Affiliate Networks!

by Ozim Uban

I remember very vividly, in the days of yore, exactly in the year 1983 when amazon.com, with its excellent affiliate program, swept the internet world off its feet like hurricane. In fact, the success that followed actually changed the ways we do business (especially affiliate marketing) online ever since.

Affiliate program simply entails when YOU promote products and services of other companies and earn pre-determined $$$ commission from each sale. The concept of online affiliate program is to leverage the success the original owners have put into developing the products. As an affiliate marketer, therefore, you need not worry about order fulfillment, inventory, supplies etc.

However, between the time of amazon launch and now, things have drastically changed. Today, there are dozens of large and medium affiliate network companies parading thousands of products and registered affiliates selling those products. For example, there is Clickbank, Commission Junction, Paydotcom and others. Some are very simple to join, like Clickbank while others may be as difficult as presenting the skeleton of your forefathers.

However there are great flaws in and around these affiliate networks which most affiliates are not aware of. I discovered the reason to be shallow mindset. You see, most affiliates ignorantly believe that these networks are ‘alpha and omega’ and without them online affiliate business will not survive. Hence, they stick to these affiliate networks despite their glaring short-comings.

Honestly, this is the biggest mistake I see on the entire internet marketing world today! Now, I remember some people call this trend herd mentality… you know every sheep in the herd follows the same direction as others! And I also discovered that the FLAWS of these affiliate networks are basically ENHANCED by this same wrong mindset affiliate marketers are exhibiting.

Now, let me state few flaws of these affiliate networks for you:

Rigid administration. These networks have a tradition of operating as your godfathers. They indirectly act as your favor-givers – like being in an exalted position to lifting affiliates from the binge of poverty and helping them to find their daily bread online. Some will not even reply your mail for days or never. In some cases, when the reply comes early, it is always terse and not helpful.

Basically, they put up a front that their affiliates do not matter. For example, I’ve heard of situation when affiliate accounts get closed down for making simple mistakes. Some will even investigate an affiliate on mere suspicion. Of course, they can always carry out such impunities because they know affiliates will only complain and still remain glue to them like skin to the body. Remember the herd mentality again…?

No training resources to grow. They are bare and ordinary. When you join, whether you succeed or fail does not matter to them. Have you wondered why over 92% affiliates on these networks DO NOT make it – but end up in frustration? Look, every affiliate marketers (both newbie and experienced) need some sort of idea-boosting to move forward. But these networks do not have programs to support their affiliates with vital resources.

And this flaw is basically responsible why the entire internet landscape is now dotted with so-called experts on clickbank, CJ and so on. Everyday, they’re struggling to out-do one another to show you the latest ‘magical secrets’ to make it on those networks. And this has further fueled the generally-held deceptive belief that there are some ‘top secrets’ you need to uncover to succeed selling the products of these affiliate networks.

At the end of the day, you get deceived, purchased many books, software with little (or nothing) to show for it.

No brainstorming forum. What is a network of affiliates without an “insider and exclusive forum” where affiliates can openly discuss and exchange high-powered money making ideas? The forum should also be a place to agree or disagree with the network management, thereby creating a sweet atmosphere where affiliates and network management work in sync for the growth of all.

But in these networks there is none. So you are left at the mercy of free online forums where guys are more (or only) interested in their own survival.

You can be cheated. All the networks have some merchants with shady intention. Though this flaw is not deliberate, as some such as clickbank will move against any merchant found with shady character or selling dud product, yet the negative results on the affiliates may be huge sometimes.

For example, if you promote a bad product with over-hyped sales letter, sooner than later, it will attract large refund. Do you know what this means to you? For every refund, you automatically lose your commission irrespective of whatever resources, budget, time and effort you may have expended to get the sales.

Poor support or slow support. How would you feel if you are a member of an affiliate network where support is fast, in-depth, friendly, one-on-one, valuable and filled with solid ideas to help you grow? Honestly, I do not know what your answer will be, but this factor alone discouraged me from putting my future in the hands of these networks.

Thankfully, I later found a terrific affiliate program group, with excellent, high-in-demand products with top-notch supports you can NOT find elsewhere on the entire internet!

No rapport – you are far from both fellow affiliates and network management. You do not have friendly contact with other affiliates. And when you ‘meet’ on forums you tend to hide a lot of ideas from each other – after all you’re competitors! I believe the word “NETWORK” is better appreciated if the people on board fill close to each other like one family. But with these affiliate networks each and every affiliate is an alien to the other. And to make matter worse, there is not single rapport between the affiliates and the managers or owners of the affiliate networks.

Little, poor affiliate commission. At the risk of calling me a greedy fellow, let me say that I hate those little 5%, 10% or $20 commissions? Even some high 60% commissions are miserable in term of dollar payment. I hate to work hard only to earn paltry $20, $30 commission. Here is a secret I find out and please put on your thinking cap now. The same marketing effort you put forth to promote a product that earns you $20 or $30 per sale will also pump in $160 or more to your pocket if you promote another product.

And this is the exact WAY that I am currently earning my commission as an affiliate online. In fact, I will not forget my FIRST affiliate commission that brought in a ‘double’ commission instead of one. This happened because someone visited the website I promoted, but on leaving the website was shown another product website and he bought that product.

Though I did not promote that product, yet I earned an extra $26 on top! And this is sort of money most affiliates will run from pillar to post, buying several domains, set up websites, bang down the forums, write articles and everything imagine to promote on these popular affiliate networks.

Lastly, let me round up by advising you to open your mind in order to discover the absolutely best affiliate networks out there. If you are like me, you will hate to ply your trade with affiliate network that has shortcomings I listed above. In fact, I wonder why people will love to promote a product with little affiliate sales when same efforts can earn you triple or multiple commissions.

I also wonder why you should promote products that offer you one time sale instead of high-in-demand product that can EARN you a “revolving and continuous commissions.”Making You Richer affiliate program does not only solve the above problems, but surpasses all other affiliate programs today. And you will continue to make money for a single marketing effort! For example, the

With its well-packed, high-in-demand products, couple with top-quality training, resources, guides, support manager, one-on-one ideas, free brainstorming with super affiliates and so on. Even the newest comer to affiliate marketing who’re ready to follow instructions will definitely succeed. I ask you again – would you prefer to earn a paltry sum of $20 or $30 when the same efforts can comfortably net you a princely $175 or more?

Now read this true-life affiliate SUCCESS Story, life-changing advises and top affiliate program network recommendation filled with training. READ his story NOW: http://The-Top-Affiliate-Program.blogspot.com/

Profitable Affiliate Marketing

by Janie Jenkins

Leverage Your Time with Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing you can get started today, immediately with your internet marketing. While you earn from these sales several added benefits occur.

  • You discover what topics do sell and what topics don't sell.
  • You have proof that internet marketing works and you aren't wasting your time
  • You discover how to speak powerfully so people know the value they will receive.
  • Any customer service needed is handled by the owner of the product. You are released of all responsibility.
  • There are Several Keys to Successful Affiliate Marketing Sales.

  • Matching the topic of the product to the audience you send the messages to.
  • Stating the benefits of the product from the buyer's viewpoint.
  • Writing a message that is clearly about one product - never mentioning more than one product in any message.
  • Promoting products of people who know what they are doing and are using smooth, easy systems for the sale to take place easily.
  • Affiliate Marketing for Your Own Products

    As you begin to get a feel for what sells and how, you will begin to realize you have areas of expertise where you can create a product that will sell also. As you create the product, set it up so it can be sold by others who enjoy affiliate marketing as a source of income. As your product is being sold by others, you have more time for enjoyment or recreation as well as more time to focus on creating more and more products of greater and greater value

    Janie Jenkins is the "Easy To Do" instruction expert. Discover how easy it is to do what seemed like your most complicated ambition. Profitable and Easy To Do Affiliate Marketing

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Affiliate Marketing Tips - Why Affiliates Must Collect Leads

    by Simon Akers

    If you are promoting other people's products as an affiliate and buying traffic but not collecting leads you are throwing money away. If you want to become a super affiliate you need to start marketing in a more professional manner.

    Like many affiliate marketers you have probably delved into the world of pay per click advertising and purchased traffic which you sent directly to your affiliate link hoping to make a few sales with little effort.

    You may have made a profit and continued buying more traffic for more keywords in the hope of increasing your sales. But if you are just sending the visitors directly to your affiliate link the real person who benefits is the owner of the product you are promoting.

    By sending visitors directly to your affiliate link you are allowing the product owner to collect the names and email addresses of interested prospects and follow up with them until a sale is made.

    If the prospect buys the product many days or even weeks later you will not get credit for the sale as most people now have automatic cookie cleaners so there will be no way to track that the person was originally referred by you.

    As well as this the prospect may turn out to be a long term customer who stays on the product owners list for many years making repeat sales for multiple products. So you paid for the traffic and got no reward for your efforts but instead allowed the product owner to take all the profits.

    This is the challenge that affiliate marketers face and what separates super affiliates from everyone else is the fact that they do things differently and concentrate on building a long term business and not just short term profits.

    So instead of sending visitors directly to your affiliate link you need to create your own squeeze page and start collecting leads yourself from the traffic you are generating. Don't go for the quick sale but think more long term and start building a business that will generate repeat sales.

    With so many products on the internet and so many new ones appearing everyday many people are experiencing information overload. This is the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to create unbiased review websites and newsletters that inform people about how good various products really are.

    By providing people with honest opinions you will quickly build rapport and gain credibility which will also mean that when you do recommend a great product your subscribers will trust your opinion and your conversion rates will be above average.

    So why not start a product review newsletter today and begin sending visitors to your squeeze page using an auto responder to collect leads which will allow you to send weekly broadcast messages to your list containing honest reviews for the latest products and services to hit the internet.

    About the Author

    This article was written by Simon Akers who is the editor of the Marketing Oasis newsletter, a free internet marketing ezine packed with tips to help you succeed and increase your profits: http://www.MarketingOasis.com

    Find The Best Affiliate Programs To Promote And market - Easy Steps

    by Micheal Phelps

    We now need a way to find the best affiliate products to market.

    There are thousands of affiliate programs out there to choose from. Any product you can think of has an affiliate program.

    There are affiliate programs for things like books, cars, computer games, computer programs, porn sites, prescription drugs and ebooks. You name it and there is an affiliate program for it.

    You can even join an affiliate program for selling property on the moon!! So how do you go about choosing the right programs? Well, there are many factors to looks at.

    Here are five characteristics to look at when choosing an affiliate program:

    1) High payouts - Would you rather be paid $1 or $20 every time you make a sale? $20 of course!! I like to work with affiliate programs that payout anywhere from $15 - $60 for each customer conversion. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for $1 payout programs and as entrepreneurs you should always keep your eyes open for opportunities, but from personal experience, the higher payouts seem to work best for people just starting out.

    2) Effective product sales page - Your success as an affiliate depends highly on how effective the sales website is for the affiliate program you belong to. I'm not talking about your personal website; I'm talking about the owners of the affiliate program themselves, the site you are sending people to. If you are sending people to a website that is constructed very poorly and has a low sales conversion rate, you are not going to make any profits. But if you send people from your website to a website that captures the customers attention and effectively conveniences them to buy the product, you will make much more profits per customer.

    3) The amount of competition - If there is too much competition in the affiliate program that you join, it will be harder for you to make money. When there are too many affiliates vying for the same customers, the profits that can be made by one individual become less and less. I would say that it's a good idea for beginners to stir away from the really competitive products. You will have a much better time with programs that have relatively low competition. Don't get me wrong, you can compete in any affiliate program but you need to learn certain skills, to turn a profit.

    4) Payout Dates - Be sure to check how often the affiliate program will be sending you pay checks. You don't want to be stuck waiting 3-6 months to be paid. I usually like to stick with affiliate programs that pay every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes I will join affiliate programs that pay every month, but anything over one month is just too long to wait for. You have to think about your advertising budget. If you only have enough money to advertise for two weeks, and you get paid every three months, you are going to run out of money to advertise with. The quicker you get paid, the quicker you can take that money and reinvest it to increase your profits.

    5) Payout Minimums - Almost every affiliate program has a minimum payout amount. Most of the time affiliates programs will require that you earn $25 - $100 before they will ever send you a check. This is fine, because you should be able to hit this amount easily. If it's more than $300 then I would stir away from that program. Sometimes you will join an affiliate program and make some money, but you may decide for some reason that that particular program is not working out. If you did not hit the minimum payout then you will never be paid. Another reason to pick a low minimum payout is that it may take you awhile to hit the minimum, so the lower the payout level the quicker you will get your money.

    6) In Demand Products - This is a very important thing to look for in affiliate programs. Choose something that people really want and find a way to give it to them. For example: millions of people in the U.S. feel they are overweight, and want to lose that weight. It's your job to find an affiliate program that fits these peoples needs. Sell them diet pills or workout tapes, even workout equipment. Here's another example: Many people want to find someone to date. Well you've seen all the online dating services. Guess what, most of those have affiliate programs that you can join. Direct a person who wants a date to that dating service website and you will make a nice commission.

    You now know what to look for in an affiliate product, so now we need to go find an affiliate product to market.

    This is were ClickBank comes into play.

    ClickBank is actually an Internet "affiliate network". Affiliate networks combine thousands of Internet affiliate programs into one simple website.

    So instead of signing up for numerous affiliate programs, which can be a hassle, you only need to sign up once with a site like ClickBank. This will allow you to have access to over 11,000+ products and services to market.

    ClickBank is actually a special type of affiliate network in that it only deals with digital products. When a customer buys through ClickBank, they receive their purchase instantly over the Internet.

    So what makes ClickBank so special? Several reasons:

    - ClickBank is very easy for beginners to learn

    - ClickBank offers many high quality affiliate products to market

    - ClickBank offers extremely high commissions (up to 75%)

    - Many people are already members of ClickBank

    - Getting affiliate links is very simple and fast

    - Stats are in real time and can be checked 24/7

    - ClickBank sends commission checks every two weeks

    About the Author

    Affiliate program Info

    The Four Most Common Missing Pieces on Affiliate Sites

    by Matt McWilliams

    There are approximately four gazillion (unofficially) web sites in the world. Every teenager, mother, businessman, well pretty much everyone has a web site.

    But you are different. You are monetizing your site, not trying to find a soul mate or post pictures of your latest fishing expedition. Your site should be clean, professional, and instill confidence in the buyer.

    In finance and insurance, more than anything, you must gain the customer's trust and confidence in your service. Unlike retail, flashy sites with bright colors and animation don't work. Most of my suggestions below will apply mostly to the finance and insurance sectors, but lessons can be learned by all affiliates.

    I have found that most affiliates (at least in the finance and insurance vertical) tend to leave the following four necessities off of their sites. Is your web site missing any of these important components?

    1. Informational content. Conventional wisdom in the online world tells you to get to the point, to make the sale, and eliminate the clutter and slew of links that were so prominent five years ago. In the financial world, however, you need informational content to help convert the less knowledgeable visitors that may find your site.

    The ability to educate your visitors serves a dual purpose on your web site. First, it is a great service to them and one they will not likely forget or fail to reward you for (read: convert into a lead). Secondly, educational tips and articles are chock-full of keyword rich content.

    A well-written article can vault your site to the top of the search engines for many long-tail keywords and drive a substantial amount of traffic, as it is likely to be linked to from other sites. Plus, it will help convert the often confused customer into a ready-to-buy machine.

    2. "Contact Us" Page. The hardest obstacle to overcome in the online world, especially in finance/insurance is customer trust. These people are about to give you (or your affiliated company) some pretty serious information: phone number, email, etc. You must do everything you can to earn their trust!

    One of the easiest ways to gain their trust is to let them know you are real and legitimate, not just some information gathering scheme. Granted, you probably don't have a fancy windowed office with 90 employees, but you cannot afford to look small-time or sketchy to your customers. So make sure that your site has a prominent "Contact Us" page, with at LEAST a contact form, phone number, and street address or P.O. Box.

    If you can, get a dedicated toll-free number from your merchant that will track to your affiliate ID. Our studies have shown that online conversions go up almost 2% with the addition of a toll-free number. It shows the customer you are not afraid to have them contact you (even if that "you" is your merchant's call center).

    3. Privacy Policy. Will my information be protected? What data are you collecting about me? Will I get spammed by you after this?

    These are all questions that your site's visitors are asking themselves as they decide whether or not to trust you. Like the above omissions, not having a clearly written privacy policy that answers the important questions a visitor has can cost you their business. In their eyes, you are hiding something and must be some sort of a scam, no matter how legitimate you truly are.

    Your site should have a well-written, easy to read privacy policy that lets customers know about things such as cookies, your anti-spam policy, form encryption, etc. Like the above suggestions, this page should be linked to and from every single page on your site.

    If you are doing nothing more than referring them to your merchant's site, ask the affiliate manager if you can list their privacy policy on your site and make it clear to the customer that you are sending them out of your site.

    4. Customer Testimonials. I doubt that you get a flood of emails each day thanking you for your service. Heck, we barely get three or four a month out of a couple hundred thousand visitors. But what happens when you DO get a thank you message from one of your visitors? Do you just file it away and think "that was nice of them" or do you make use of this testimonial?

    Testimonials are nearly priceless advertisements and, like the three items above, can make the difference between gaining a customer's trust (and therefore their business) and having them immediately click the back button to go back to the search results.

    The first thing you should do is thank them and show genuine joy that you were able to help them. Then ask them for their permission to use their testimonial on your site. In our experience, about 50% of the people will be more than happy to let you do this. Two or three well-crafted testimonials are worth as much as anything else you will have on your site, so make sure you take advantage of any and all thank you notes. Place them on your home page, landing pages, and on each internal page that you can, and if you get enough of them (more than five or so), create a "Testimonials Page" and link to it from each page.

    If you do not have any, the easiest way to get testimonials of course is to use merchant testimonials when you refer the customer to the merchant's site. Ask your affiliate manager if you can use these on your pages. Like your own testimonials, these quotes will give your visitors a trust of your referral and will significantly increase conversions!

    Any one of these missing components can cost you conversions and ultimately a lot of money. Double check your site and make sure that you have all of these important pieces. If you do have them, make sure they are fully developed and geared to assist your customers in making the right decision (choosing YOUR site!)

    Best of luck!

    About the Author

    Matt McWilliams is the Affiliate Manager for Franklin, Tennessee based HometownQuotes.com. He began his career with HometownQuotes in 2003 as the technology and design consultant. He moved to the affiliate department in 2006 and manages more than 150 active affiliates.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    What You Should Know To Build Your Affiliate Web Site

    by Laurie Raphael

    Affiliate selling means selling someone else's products from your own web site. This process is used by many large companies to generate traffic and interest in their product. Statistically this method is shown to be very effective as affiliate marketing websites are becoming increasingly successful and profitable.

    Generally, web site affiliate marketing works this way. A company that has a product to sell will link to other websites via banners or text ads and pay the web site owner a commission for every sale that is referred from their web site. This use of affiliate web site marketing has caused a rapid increase in the sales levels of these companies.

    There are some simple steps that you can take to get started in setting up an affiliate web site. You first need to focus on finding the product you want to affiliate to. Although this may sound like a simple task at first, there are thousands of affiliate programs to choose from on the web. Your best option would be to find a product that you are knowledgeable or even passionate about and that you would enjoy selling. For ideas, you can perform a web search on Google or Yahoo or any of the search engines.

    Setting up a web site on a topic that interests you will have a higher probability of success in affiliate sales as you will more than likely be inspired to put more content and relevant material on the web site. Visitors to your site will find it more interesting and will return again and again.

    Another option is to consider setting up an affiliate marketing site on a web topic that you are especially knowledgeable about such as your profession or a school subject you may have excelled in. You could then relate these interests with suitable affiliate merchant prospects.

    Once you have made the decision about the niche market you wish to become involved in, you need to search the web for a suitable affiliate program. As there are so many merchant sites looking for affiliates, finding one on your chosen topic should take very little time.

    Reading their affiliate market site web contract will tell you if the program suits you and it is a program that you can profit from. Make sure to do a background check in the affiliate forums and to also do some web searches to make sure no complaints are filed against the program. If all looks well, then sign up. The affiliate company will provide you with a link to their starter sales materials to place on your web site.

    The product you choose to affiliate with should be your primary product. Your next step is to develop a web site that will endorse this product while at the same time be appealing enough to make people visit. Remember that you do not have to sell the product. You only need to get the customer to click on the link in your web site that will take them to the merchant’s web site. This method is called the "pre-sale" and is recognized as one of the best practices in affiliate marketing. If the merchant site is any good, the sale should be made.

    Remember, success in affiliate marketing takes work as well as time.

    About the Author: Laurie Raphael operates a website geared toward boosting your marketing results using various means of advertising and marketing strategies. For her private list of recommended affiliate marketing "secret weapons," visit her site at http://theadprocess.com

    For a list of hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from visit her Affiliate Directory site at http://www.process2you.com

    What Professional Affiliate Marketers Do That Amateurs Don't

    by Gray Rollins

    There is a big difference between an amateur affiliate dabbling in affiliate marketing and the professional affiliate who is in it for the long haul. The amateur can make a lot of mistakes that will keep him from being a professional, and could learn a lot from looking at what the professionals are doing.

    Amateur affiliates expect results instantly. Many amateurs dabble because they think their business will be raking in millions overnight. Pros don’t expect the overnight miracle, and plan for long term business. A professional affiliate understands that it takes time to build a business, to gain trust and word of mouth, and to get a large customer list together from which to get new customers.

    Amateur affiliates often expect one form of advertising to carry their entire business. There are some affiliates who depend only on their ppc ads to bring traffic to their site, and then there are amateurs who don’t have a site at all. These amateurs will likely never make it to the ranks of the professionals. They are simply not investing enough thought and planning into their business. A professional needs a website full of search engine optimized, informational content that will bring them some rankings in the search engines. The affiliate also needs some way to build a customer list in order to have a steady stream of good sales leads. An amateur without these things is likely to stay an amateur, or to decide that affiliate marketing has no profit potential and then to quit all together.

    Amateur affiliates sometimes concentrate their sales copy around how much money it will make for the customer, rather than what the heck the product actually is. If the entire sales page is describing how rich the customer will get, then the customer is rightly going to be a bit leery of it. The basis of affiliate programs should be sound products that are described honestly and will do what they are supposed to do.

    Amateur affiliates may carry all their eggs in one basket. Professional affiliates, unless they have an extremely large and profitable site, generally run several sites at once to keep their income steady. When one is underperforming, another might be expanding. Having multiple sites keeps their business from going under if one site runs into trouble.

    Amateur affiliates get a little too excited about their websites and pack it full of flashy graphics and pop ups that scare little old ladies. A professionally run website is based on its simplicity and ease of use. Readers don’t have to hunt down the information they are looking for, and they don’t have seizures from the flashing lights. Minimal graphics, no annoying sound effects, hard to read font colors, or other distractions from the overall message of the site.

    Amateur affiliates concentrate on the here and now, and not the big picture. A professional that takes time to build their site into a brand based on trust may not see big sales right away, but certainly will down the road. An amateur is concerned only with the sales that come in now, and not how they can keep people coming back again and again.

    Gray Rollins writes for MarketingEffects.com - a site that helps beginners learn Internet Marketing through a series of video lessons. Also, if you're interested in learning advanced affiliate marketing tactics and for an affiliate marketing guide that kills your day job, visit us.