Monday, February 12, 2007


by Stuart McIntosh


Many of you are struggling to promote your affiliate programs and are making very little money. i have constructed these tips on how to make money online with affiliate program to try and help you.

The tips are as follows

1 - Your own Website:

You need to get a domain name and create a basic home page with an affiliate product that you are selling. No work required here as you can redirect the domain name to a sales page that will link straight to your affiliate site.

2 - Write reviews:

If your niche product is on how to make money online with affiliate program then write a review on how to make money online with affiliate program. You need to know your product and preferable use it yourself so that you can write honest reviews about it. There is no better way to promote a product than telling your visitors what it has done for you.

3 - Use a Blog:

I recommend that you get a Blog and link back and forth to your website. This will allow your sales to take a bit of life as your visitors can follow a journal on it. Active Blogs are indexed quicker by many search engines than are new sites, and after the blog is indexed, the pages you have linked to the blog will also get indexed.

4 - Write Articles:

One of the best ways to become an expert on your product is to write articles on the Internet and include a link to your website in the resource box. There is alot of places to submit articles and the more you write, the more people will trust what you are saying. This will generate alot of highly targeted traffic to your site and therefore more sales.

5 - Put your links in your signature lines to make money online with affiliate program quickly and easily:

If you are a member of even one forum, you need to have your affiliate link in your signature line. This is great and easy advertising and your visitors will also be highly targeted.

Basically the more QUALITY links you have the better. Affiliate marketing can be used to generate huge amounts of income online.

About the Author

Stuart McIntosh is an internet marketer dedicated to helping others on the journey to make money online. He is the woner of

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