Friday, February 02, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Tips - The Real Secret Weapon For Affiliate Marketers

by Simon Akers

As the competition increases for promoting products as an affiliate its essential to stand out from the crowd and go the extra mile so that customers buy from you rather than your competitors.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive business with everyone promoting the latest product hoping to make a fast buck and then move on to the next one. Its still possible to earn substantial profits promoting products the traditional way (such as sending ready made email promos to your list) but you can easily increase your income by using videos instead of text.

With so much information on the internet and so many emails to sift through, many people simply don't have time to read everything. So what better way to catch their attention than by using full motion screen capture videos created with a special tool called Camtasia.

Anyone can easily create high quality presentations and tutorials without needing any special training. All you need is a computer and a headset and you too can create your own videos with ease. Its like having your prospects seated next to you and looking at your desktop as you show them the things they need to see and hear.

You can record your desktop activity live with a single click of a button and convert your videos into web pages which you can upload to your website and publish using RSS feeds, blogs, and podcasts. It opens up a whole new world of marketing and makes it easier to communicate with your target audience.

By creating videos you can reduce the skepticism of your prospects and gain their trust by showing them visually how to use a product instead of just describing it with words. This also reduces refund requests because prospects know exactly what they will be getting if they decide to purchase the product you are recommending.

You can create stunning multimedia presentations and tutorials which you can use to pre sell products and redirect viewers to your affiliate link when the video has ended. This strategy can dramatically increase your conversion rates and reduces the need to follow up with your prospects over and over again.

By showing your prospects how you used a product to achieve a certain goal and how they can too you will gain instant credibility and build rapport which will produce the best results and generate the highest conversions. This is how many super affiliates outdo their competitors.

If you are an affiliate marketer and you want to take your marketing to the next level and significantly increase your income you should seriously consider using videos to pre sell products.

This article was written by Simon Akers who is the editor of the Marketing Oasis newsletter, a free internet marketing ezine packed with tips to help you succeed and increase your profits:

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