Monday, February 12, 2007

Affiliate Programs Are Ideal For A Home Business

by Janice Sharman

Affiliate programs are a great way to build or extend your home business. Let's have a close look at what affiliate programs really are and how you can successfully incorporate them successfully into your home business.

If you have a website that promotes a particular service or specific product range, you can add a link to you website that leads visitors to another site offering alternative products which are associated with your niche. You can find sites offering this service by checking the top and bottom of their websites. If you see the words "affiliates" or "webmasters" they are generally offering you an affiliate plan.

You acceptance is not always automatic, the affiliate company might check out your website for suitability, but unless there is something seriously wrong with your site, you will probably be accepted. Once you have been approved, there are several ways in which you can make your affiliate opportunity work.

Let' say you have health site, offering health related products and possibly a few articles on the subject. There are many health-related affiliate programs available, so you can choose the ones you would like to advertise on your site, and apply to join their program.

Once you have been approved the affiliate company will provide you with a link to their website, and will normally explain in detail how to set about promoting their product. A good affiliate program will provide you with an affiliate number specific to you, some advertisements in the form of banners, emails etc., and a link you can access to check on your sales statistics.

The advertisements provided will usually include your unique affiliate link. You put the advertisements up on your website, and when your visitors click on the link they will arrive at the affiliate company's website. If a visitor buys the product, you get a commission.

You could set up the link so that it leads your visitor to a page on your website, where you provide a review of the product and 'pre-sell' it, so all that is required for the customer to buy is the nudge provided by the affiliate company's sales pitch. This is how most successful affiliate marketers work.

If you build up a number of websites, all promoting different affiliate programs, you can have a nice little home business that makes you a very good living. If you decide to go that route you may want to join Commission Junction or Clickbank. They provide affiliate products and opportunities in a wide range of niches with literally thousands of products for you to promote and they are both free to join.

Once you understand how to advertise and promote your website, you can make a substantial income working from home as an affiliate marketer. With an affiliate home business you won't get rich quickly but if you make the effort to gain the knowledge and experience required to get traffic and sell your affiliate products, then your hard work will be rewarded and you will soon have a very profitable affiliate home business.

There are affiliate programs in practically every niche, so there is no reason why with hard work, perseverance and education you should not joint the successful people known as 'super-affiliates'.

About the Author

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