Friday, February 09, 2007

Affiliate Web Site Promotion:How To Use Articles To Bring Massive Hits To Your Website

by Sam Ayodeji

Affiliate web site promotion can be done by using well written and keyword optimized articles. This aspect of affiliate marketing(affiliate web site promotion), is very important to the affiliate. The fact: If you don't promote your affiliate website, then there can be no affiliate commissions for you. So, this article is for affiliates who seek ways to promote their website(s), effectively. To discover how to promote your affiliate website(s) effectively, continue reading this article.

You must realise that the most effective way to promote your affiliate website(s), is by using well written articles as your promotional method. Writing articles to promote your affiliate website(s), will give you more targeted visitors and this will bring you more affiliate sales. Writing articles, will bring you more results than any other promotional method you might think of.

How to use articles to effectively promote your affiliate website(s):

1. Go to, to get a list of keywords related to your website topic.

2. Think of questions that people might ask, related to the keywords that you have found from wordtracker.

3. Write an answer for each of the questions that you have brainstormed. These answers will be in the body of your article.

4. To write the introduction of your article, start by asking a question. For example, if you are writing about how to use a blog to market any affiliate program, your introductory question could be "Do you know how to use a blog to market any of your affiliate programs?" You can also talk a bit of how blogging as an affiliate as increased your sales.

5. From step three, develop the answer to the question that you have brainstormed. Write the answer to the question in bulleted points so as to aid reading for reader.

6. Write a conclusion summarizing the points you have made in the article.

7. Write a resource box that includes your name, what your website has to offer and a link to your website.

Example: If you are promoting an email marketing ebook, your resource box might look like this:

Mark Davids solves email marketing problems for email marketers. Want to learn more about his mind blowing secrets? Then visit his website now for answers to all your email marketing questions: (your link to your website).

With all the steps given above, you will be able to write lots of articles that will bring you lots of affiliate sales. I can tell you that the tips above, have worked tremendously for me. I only use articles as my only affiliate promotional method and it has brought affiliate sales to a huge percentage. Nothing brings you more targeted traffic than using articles to promote your affiliate website. But do you know how to increase your conversion and make huge affiliate sales?

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