Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Generating Multiple Commissions With One Affiliate Program

by Chris Peterson

Affiliate Programs are a very effective way to make money from home. It's quite simple to find some very profitable programs and generate some large commission checks in the process.

But many affiliate marketers make the simple mistake of "Placing all of there apples in one basket". Basically what I mean by this is that they only promote one program at a time. Thus, they will only generate one commission per sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this if your opportunity or product that you market is always in high demand. But in the world of internet marketing on the world wide web, that is hardly ever the case for long.

I have seen it happen a million times in my seven years of marketing online. Affiliate marketers get wind of a new opportunity that offers large commissions and put every ounce of energy and investment into marketing it. At first they usually have some great success. That is until the next "Bigger and Better Program" comes along. Now that they have put so much time and investment into the older opportunity, they fail to pick up the newer ones as well and miss out on making multiple commissions.

I myself feel that offering a larger variety of affiliate programs for my visitors to search through generates a much better response. I am by no means telling you to set up an auto responder to capture prospects emails and market a different program to them every other day. I am saying that you should have a main affiliate program for your affiliate website and build around it, by adding more related opportunities as well as products.

Answer this question for me "How many times have you visited an affiliate website and been bored by the actual program that the site was promoted and went somewhere else to find something different?" I know that I have done it numerous times. And the website that got my sale was the one that offered me a variety of opportunities for me to browse through and make my own decision which would help me make money.

As an affiliate, you can make multiple commissions from each serious prospect, by offering more than one main program at your website. I like to market Click Bank opportunities along side my main program. I make alot of sales that way. If the prospects are not interested in my main residual income program, they have a list of the "Best Income Generating Programs" that Click Bank offers and I make commissions that way.

Now, many times a prospect will sign up to my main affiliate program and than come back to my site later on and purchase more products or join programs that I offer at my website, because they are familiar with me and my affiliate site. It`s a win - win for myself and my customers.

It`s important to offer people variety. They will thank you for it by purchasing from you more often.

Chris Peterson

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