Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How To Choose The Right Affiliation Product

by S Bothwell

Making a mistake when choosing an affiliation partnership WILL cost you profits. By doing some simple research and analysis before you choose, you can maximize you revenue.

Here are some tips to ensure you affiliate relationship is highly profitable.

Know you website visitors and target the affiliate product to them. If your website is about disco music and great disco’s, then you are unlikely to make many sales of herbal remedies for arthritis. I realize it might sound blatantly obvious, but the choice of affiliate product is very wide and this targeting very subtle among potential affiliate products. Write down a list and use the points below to further refine that list.

Do my visitors have disposable income, and how much do they have? This will determine the type of product to offer, luxury non-essential goods can only be sold to people with disposable cash. Essential items at a good price can be sold to those with little cash to spare who are keen to make their money go further.

Research the products and profits that can be made from each taking into consideration ease of sale against profit per sale, quite often it can be more profitable to sell a high demand product many times, rather than attempting to sale a niche item once.

Read the term & conditions to find out what qualifies you to get your money – you will often find that many affiliates have restrictions on the actions required by your visitor before they pay out.

What does the affiliate provide to you to help promote their products. Do they offer free prizes, do they offer discounts, do they provide quality graphics, and do they have a support system for both you as an affiliate and any potential customers from your site.

Once you have chosen your product and completed the steps to install on your website, test it. Why shouldn’t you, you have a right to know that it works. If you find an affiliate is reluctant to let you test the process then be very wary.

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