Friday, February 23, 2007

Quick Tips For A successful Online Business

by Nelson Cintron

So you want to start your very own, brand new online business? Well good for you! Consider it a fortunate first step toward the fulfillment of your goals. Let me help.

Read on.

Yes, it's best to start from the beginning; YOU. As a newbie, you want advice. Well, here are some helpful guidelines for newbie biznetizens. Keep them in mind:

· Be cautious. Before you throw your hard earned money into your new venture...READ, READ, READ! Firstly, become familiar with the market that interests you. Do your home work!
· Learn from the Pros. Consider their advice. Explore the options presented to you, analyze them, jot them down, organize them for future reference and brainstorming.
· Remember a few key elements to ANY successful business: Persistence, Commitment and a Positive Attitude.
· Be realistic. Online success will not come overnight. Expect to work hard for your money. Don't hold yourself back and never quit!
· Above all, be ethical.Trust is best gained through honesty! And ...
· Be Patient. Learn as you go. Prepare yourself for setbacks. Internet business is no piece of cake!

Alright, so you have decided to go for it. Very well!. What do you need to get started?
· A product to sell- Be it your own or someone else's (there are many affiliate sources out there to choose from) With time you will be able to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff.
· A website- Your web page- call it your online store- to show your products.
· Advertising- Promotion is the key to online success.
· Traffic- The result of your advertising strategies which will include email campaigns, ezines, ebooks, newsletters, e-courses, e-seminars; Quality Content delivered via an autoresponder.There are many free and paid versions to choose from. It will turn out to be one critical decision, trust me.
· Optimize your website- Known as SEO- an art in itself.
· Search Engine Submission- Submitting your website to the main SE is becoming trickier by the day, so consider many other avenues available to position your website to the top ten SE results.There are tons of services and software to accomplish just that. Again, be on your guard. When signing up for ANY online service, read de terms of Agreement first!. Know what you are getting into, please!

When applying these basic principles, be consistent and they will steer your online business in the right direction!

See you at the top ten!

Nelson Cintron manages Nelson eBook Central, a website for the newbie marketer. Find it at:

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