Friday, February 02, 2007

Unleashed Secrets to Selecting the Right Affiliate Programs

by Bruce Galle

First there is one concept which you need to grasp. When selling any service or product, they fall under one of two categories.

These are a NEED versus a WANT.

It is much easier to sell something that is absolutely needed versus something you may want to have.

Applying these techniques I have built a very lucrative income. I am not telling you this to brag, but rather inform you these are PROVEN techniques.

For an example, anyone wanting to start an online business will need a domain name and web host to setup their web site and promote.

You may want a new pair of shoes; however you may not really need them at this time.

Get a real domain name such as which you can see would be much easier to promote than

In order to have credibility to your customers you will need your own domain name. Now build a web site geared towards the affiliate programs you have joined.

If you have no knowledge of HTML or just anxious to get started, you can use Website Creator, a simple point and click setup with professional templates.

If you are an experienced web designer or have knowledge of HTML you should check into Hst Hosting.

You can check either one of these hosting plans at

The second item you want to look for usually is residual commissions. One that pays on the initial sale as well as on renewals each month, year… This will help grow your profits over the years exponentially.

Let me clarify something before I go on. I am not referring to MLM, but rather just simple programs allowing you to generate the most profit directly rather then split the profit up between multiple levels.

One good example of this is the Order Your Domain affiliate program This program offers you the availability to offer your visitors, domain name registrations, renewals, transfers, email forwarding and more… You should really check this one out.

You want to select a program that is reflective of your web site. Think to yourself, is this something that will benefit the visitors to my site.

In other words you could sign up for a prepaid phone card affiliate program if your site deals with travel, telecommunications, deals with an ethnic groups, hence helping them to save money on overseas calls…

If you remember to consider these points when selecting an affiliate program and market them wisely your success rate will be much greater and hence so will your profits. I am not telling you to do away with products or services that are only WANTS but rather focus more on the NEEDS!

Good Luck in Your Online Adventures

Bruce Galle

Bruce Galle A successful on-line entrepreneur since 1996 showing others how to duplicate his magic with his soon to release web site. Sign up for his newsletter now…! Copyright 1999-2007 by All rights reserved.

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