Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Do You Absolutely Need Web Stats To Run Your Affiliate Business!

by Franck Silvestre

One of the main weapon of your business is your website, and one of the strongest and often overlooked elements of your site is your web stats.

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You need to set up a system on your website to monitor your web pages performance. You need to get all your site statistics in one place.

Putting those stats on your site is as easy as adding your beloved adsense codes on your web pages. You need to add a piece of code on every pages of your site.

Why do you need web stats?

You need to know what your visitors are doing on your sites. How they land on your site, from which pages they are coming and from which link they quit your website.

It can be useful to know from which country your readers are coming sometimes. You may want to translate your site in French in you see that many people are coming from Canada or France for example.

When you know the entry point of your visitors, you can implement a winning strategy. It is possible that your visitors are not landing on your site through the home page for example.

You need to know what are the pages that visitors find on the search engines. With this knowledge, you will be able to put your money making links in a strategic place, and get more leads or earn more money.

With a good stat counter, you will know exactly which link your visitors are clicking on your site. If you find that a particular link get more attention, you will be able to take advantage of your knowledge to redirect visitors to your products or affiliate links.

What I found to be like gold with a web statistic counter is that you can find the best keywords for your website. It is more powerful than any keyword tool since you get direct access to real visitors searching for your site.

You can then target the long tails and gain hundreds of visitors a month to your website just by adding new articles optimized for these specific keywords.

Best of all, you can get all these information for free. Just log in your web hosting control panel and click on the web stats logo. You get access to several statistics programed including webalyzser and awstats.

The best is awstats without a doubt. You will get a goldmine of information for your website. I also use sitemeter for some of my blogs.

You can double your monthly income just by monitoring your web stats on a weekly or monthly basis. So don't delay, just log in your web stats today to multiply your website profit and find the best keywords for your articles.

About the Author

Franck Silvestre, is a affiliate marketing expert. Download his Amazing Free ebook here:Make Money With Clickbank and discover how to Increase Your Website Traffic.

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