Saturday, March 10, 2007

5 Secrets to Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Income

by Mandy Buchanan

Do you want to explode your affiliate marketing income? Are you sick and tired of struggling to make money from other people’s products? If this sounds like you then you need to know 5 little secrets that can truly explode your affiliate marketing income.

Successful Affiliate Marketers market things they love
Successful affiliate marketing is going to take lots of work. You can make plenty of money from affiliate marketing but you do need to work at it and this means that you should be doing what you enjoy. Many affiliate marketers choose to market internet marketing products just because everyone else appears to be doing it. This is a sure way to fail. Instead think about those things you enjoy and believe in and would find easy to convince others about. Make a list of these things and then do some keyword research into the subjects.

Successful Affiliate Marketers do Extensive Keyword Research
Like all successful internet marketing, successful affiliate marketing is based largely on choosing the correct keywords for your marketing efforts. Once you have made a list of things you love use a keyword research tool such as Wordtracker to study these topics in more depth and find out which of these topics other people are also interested in. You also want to choose keywords where there is not a lot of competition so that your website or articles will rise to the top of the search engine results pages and people find them. Good keywords are those with lots of people searching and relatively little competition.

Successful Affiliate Marketers have their own website
Don’t be deceived into thinking that because you are doing affiliate marketing that you don’t need a website of your own. The most successful affiliate marketers do have their own website and in particular they have their own opt-in page to create a mailing list so that they can advertise their affiliate products to their own list.

Successful Affiliate Marketers know their niche
Once you have decided on what affiliate products you are going to advertise it is important to take some time to really get to know your target market – hang out in the same forums as they do, join the email groups they belong to and spend as much time as you can learning what they like and what they want. Successful affiliate marketers are experts on their target market and their affiliate marketing success shows the results of this.

Successful Affiliate Marketers treat their Affiliate Marketing as a Business
This may sound obvious to some but unfortunately too often people involved in internet marketing are opportunistic and jump around from opportunity to opportunity or affiliate program to affiliate program and never really work at any of them and hence never really make much money. The successful affiliate marketer knows that affiliate marketing is a business and so will seriously consider the affiliate products they sell and their affiliate marketing efforts and work hard at making a success of their affiliate business.

In conclusion, in order to be successful at affiliate marketing you need to do what you love, do extensive keyword research to find out which products people are looking for and how to approach them. Super affiliate marketers also have their own website and opt-in page to create a list of contact for future affiliate marketing efforts, they know their market and treat their affiliate marketing as a business.

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