Saturday, March 03, 2007

9 Careful Steps In Picking Your Affiliate Program to Work

by James Lowe

When starting out or moving to the next step in an online business career you want to be careful what business you choose to work with. Triage or due diligence can make each choice you make have a far greater opportunity to succeed and teach you valuable knowledge. You want to be carefully picking your affiliate program to work every time to maximize your knowledge growth curve and commissions. The affiliate program commission structure is important because it is the whole basis of your business venture. It must be clear and fair. Having clear monthly income goals in mind will help you see what can be earned as you build your income in any commission structure. Do the company claims of what you can build your minimum income to look real and can they show examples of marketers already doing it?

Search for a niche that suits you and gives you some passion. An established company with a long track record of success with good current sales is a good sign. A few days or weeks of research, even if it is just one or two companies you feel good about will make you more confident and committed about your new venture.

Check out the integrity of your would be business partners. A very few have sparkling records and very high success rates of inter net merchants affiliate success. Some may be out of your reach financially now. Amazingly, some are free or extremely low cost.

If you have a web site already, honestly ask yourself if having banners or links on your web pages is a good business match to your web site. Have articles about this affiliate company made or make them yourself, using good keywords to put on inner pages of your web site.

Does the affiliate program have drop dead excellent web links you can place on your web site, on free ad sites and on paid ad sites? Do the home web pages of the affiliate company show you a lot? Are you very tempted to buy their product now or when you can afford to? If so, these are good signs also. Is their affiliate program commission structure a good one?

Does the source that you are carefully picking your affiliate program to work have excellent graphics and powerful and professional videos you can send leads to? Can you link to them from your web site? Do they have lots, preferably hundreds or thousands, of testimonials about their products on their web sites? If so, you might be close to finding a good joint venture company to work with.

A very few current affiliate companies will provide you many powerful and professional links to their home pages. A few have up to 50. If you find yourself getting immersed in their products, videos and content you may be getting close to finding a good partner.

Are affiliate programs a very high percentage of the income of the company income? Do they have affiliate program tracking so you can carefully measure your advertising results. If they do this is another good sign. Do they say you will make big money very easy and right away? If so, forget it and move on.

Do they have private affiliate forums? A yes answer is a plus. Do they have tons of training on the forums? Move on if they do not. Are they serious but friendly and even funny? You need these. Abusive, mean and irritable company leaders and helpers are something you do not need.

So there you have it. These are all traits you need in your personal affiliate program tracking and due diligence before you join a company. To do any less than the above is to assure failure. To do all of the above is to dramatically increase your chances of success.

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James M. Lowe who believes in picking good affiliate programs through careful research.{a href=""}professional affiliate programs.

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