Thursday, March 15, 2007

Affiliate Business Knowledge

by Lobskiy Stanislav

What are the affiliate programs?

Affiliate program - is an Internet resource (definite web-sate or group of web-sites),which deals with selling of any product. And now, the simple explanation is as follows: If you bring a client to the web-site of a seller and a client – which you have brought – buys something there, then you get your commission which has being determined in advance. That is all. Is it simple? No, everything is simple and complex at one and the same time. On this blog you will find step-by-step guide to action.

Affiliate program search within searching system.

- Type key words in the search engine field: “Anything you like”

- Get search result to the topic.

- To find affiliate program in the Internet is not hard ;)

As soon as you have read a summary about affiliate program on the web-page of the “seller’s web-site” you go to the page of registration and fill in the standard form. You are offered to type in your details (first name and last name, URL where advertisement of seller’s web-site will appear). Choose the password for the future management of your business with the resource.

Affiliate program search on

You can spend a lot of time to look through page after page. But both in reality and virtual reality there are “supermarkets”, where are lots of goods within one place. All goods – for which affiliate programs are offered in marketplace - are divided into several groups in order to make search easy. Register your own affiliate. Your (ad) link contains your personal information inside (your login, at registration within affiliate program), thus there is opportunity to follow where a buyer comes from and who is going to receive his percent of sale.

Product promotion on the e-market.

Working within Pay per Click system.

The essence of operating within Pay per Click system is in showing your advertisements in the form of text or banners advertising on the web-sites pages or on the pages of search engines. CPC is pay per one click. What does that mean? For example, you have registered in PPC system, filled in all forms and comprised advertising text. You have started your business. Somewhere at this moment on the web-pages with similar topic thousands of people can see your advertisement about selling ‘SOMETHING’ in search system. People click on it, follow URL No. 1, hidden in the text of advertisement, to the seller’s web-site, and buy ‘SOMETHING’. In this case your partner pays you agreed in advance percentage of sale of ‘SOMETHING’. After all, sale has been performed through your affiliate. And you pay to PPC for clicks which were made for advertisement placed within this system. CPC is the payment for one such click.

Search and choose key words.

Choosing of key-words is very important stage, as well as choosing of affiliate program. Efficacy of your goods selling will depend on choosing of the key words, as well as efficacy of turnover of your investments in advertising. With the development of e-commerce and PPC systems, words became the same goods like services and real estate. Together with you there are lots of sellers on the market, which offers the same or alike goods. Because of this competition (and demonstration of advertisements is realized under those key-words, which a buyer types in search lines of searching engines) the cost of key-words varies, like stock price in New York stock exchange.

Conversion Calculation.

Saying in simple words, CONVERSION is a proportion of quantity of people which have visited your e-shop, to quantity of people which made required action, viz, buy of goods, registration on the web-site, click and advertising review.

Leading of your first advertising campaign.

To begin with, let’s take the definite goods and set different budget every day. Let’s regard parameters of advertising campaign on my blog. This information includes all main indices, which we are to take into account every day. This is not hard and takes approximately 20 minutes. How much time you have spent for advertising campaign will result in your profit.

Determination of value of every your client.

As soon as you calculate the value of your users, you’ll be able to determine your maximum rate per key-words. For example, you can decide, that the value of every user of your web-site is 48 cent within net profit. It means that you can offer 38 cent per click maximum in order to guarantee the you generate great value if profit. Importance of your users can also help you to determine which pay per click engines PPC you will use, as minimum cost per key words in different engines may vary greatly.

Best regards,

Lobskiy Stanislav

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