Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Affiliate Marketing-While You Wait Affili-ate

by Robert McNesby

For those interested in starting a business online, one of the problems is coming up with a product to sell. I know, all the internet marketing gurus tell us we're all good at something. That is probably true but it doesn’t mean we can create a whole website from it or our product will have appeal.

There are also all kinds of eBooks on line we can purchase to help in our quest for a piece of the internet pie. Usually though, these deal with one subject such as Affiliate Marketing how to build a website, List Building, article Writing, Keyword optimization etc.

You can learn something from all of these. Granted it’s going to require no small investment but you will have a working knowledge of how wealth is created. And there is much information suggesting various products that might trigger an idea or turn on a light bulb to get your juices flowing.

One of the best ways to get started is with affiliate marketing. This requires very little investment and you don’t need your own product. Actually you don’t even need your own website but your chances of success are better with one. You can get a web design host for $10.00 a month which will include a domain name. They require no html, are point and click and contain all kinds of templates.

You can then go to affiliate merchants Clickbank or Commission Junction where you will find hundreds of affiliates just waiting for you to represent them, Generally these merchants pay commissions of 50%, with some lower, some higher. They have tutorials to help you get started.

Next sign up to some article submission sites. Here you will write articles you will link to the home page of your site. From there you can write pre selling pages to link to the affiliate sales page. (articles sites allow you a link in your article to your website) Ezine articles is one of the sites you want to be sure to sign up for. However they don’t allow affiliate links. Writing articles is a free and very affective method of building traffic. As an affiliate marketer it is a good idea to write many articles. The more articles, the more traffic, the more search engine recognition.

One other thing you’ll want to do is get an autoresponder. Autoresponders are programs that will collect names and email addresses automatically. You will have to write a series of emails to load into the auto responder. Your emails should offer incentives and free gifts (a free ecourse e.g.) to your subscriber. As you gain their confidence, slip in a plug for an affiliate you may be promoting. This method, if done correctly can bring you hundreds if not thousands of subscribers.

Even if you have only minimal success with affiliate marketing, the knowledge you will gain about other aspects of internet marketing will be invaluable. Then when you are ready to launch your own product you will be armed with the necessary information in preparing and promoting a more successful site.

Formerly employed with Arnold Palmer Enterprises as Advertising Manager and Copywriter (Putting Course and Driving Range Division)

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