Friday, March 16, 2007

Affiliate Program Sales - What Keeps YOU From Making Your Fair Share?

by Rawslyn Ruffin

There you sit. You've read your 100th ebook on making money online. You've got at least a gigabyte's worth of reports and "how to" teleseminars cluttering your hard drive. You've learned so much your head is about to explode. Your printer is still smoking!

But here it is, months (or even years) after you first started this avocation and you're still struggling to get people to sign up to be on your opt-in list. You haven't made that $3000 in 30 days like the report said you could. In fact, you're $500 in the hole.

Is it because you - the average JoAnne or Joe Internet Marketer just can't get a break? Why is it so hard to make any money online? How do the pros and gurus really do it? What's the secret they're not letting you in on? You've got all the information, but you still come up short. Why? Here are two obvious possibilities:

Number 1: You found that you had a ton of information, none of which came with a step-by-step method of application, or...

Number 2: You discovered that your information included clear step-by-step instructions but you chose, for whatever reason, not to apply any of it.

If you're not getting results because of reason #1, cheer up. There is help. In fact, it doesn't even come in an ebook. It has appeared on the affiliate marketing scene as the latest breed of affiliate marketing methodologies. In my "day job" (and yes, I do still have one as of this writing), the folks I work for are always coming up with catchy acronyms for absolutely everything. So, naturally I've begun to refer to this new type of website model as Online Application Super Entrepreneurial Sites - O.A.S.E.S. for short.

The one thing that these sites have in common is the apparent genuine desire of the site owners to help you cut to the chase and start making a living online. How do they do it? Obviously by selling you either more information or offering free or paid levels of membership. That's nothing new. What sets them apart from the typical affiliate sales site is their method of content delivery and the vast amount of material they offer you to use in your own promotion.

Some of these O.A.S.E.S. merely sport a helpful affiliate manager (yes, a live person!) and a responsive (albeit automated) Help Desk. Other O.A.S.E.S. come complete with forums full of active affiliates who produce auxiliary videos and articles to get you in profit in a hurry. After all, every step they take to help you helps the program itself. There are even sites that let you create affiliate squeeze pages and host them on their servers. You won't need a website, but you will need a dependable autoresponder service.

Are you ready to join forces with an O.A.S.E.S.? Chances are you've already seen them advertised. You may already be a member of one right now and just don't realize it. Here's a hint: can you get help at a forum specifically associated with the program? Does the site offer relevant articles that help you build your business? Do you enjoy promoting that site?

Here's the deal breaker, though: have you been contacted personally by the person who referred you to the site? You see, every time a marketer recruits someone by way of advertising, they get a notice. If you haven't yet been welcomed by your "sponsor" then get busy. Silence on his or her part leaves the door wide open for you to assume a leadership role with the people you will soon be recruiting.

About the Author

Rawslyn Ruffin has been working online since 1998. If you would like to stop struggling and start succeeding with your online marketing business then it's time to discover the newest things that work. Get her free short report to Online Application Super Entrepreneurial Sites today!

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