Friday, March 16, 2007

A Beginner's Guide to Learn Internet Affiliate Marketing

by Lieven Van de Vel

Affiliate marketing is a technique of promoting businesses via the Internet, in which an affiliate or associate is paid/rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, as well as sales provided with this effort. Free Internet affiliate marketing courses help by giving you the fundamental knowledge about how affiliate marketing functions. Certain free Internet affiliate marketing courses also offer superior strategies for affiliate marketers.

The buzz is that Internet marketing can be very lucrative, with millions of people benefiting from it. Say, you want to be a part of the action, but you are overloaded with information about the various affiliate programs. You have no clue where to start. What you need is to an Internet affiliate step-by-step course.

The steps required to learn Internet affiliate step-by-step course are:

1) Assess your needs. What is it that you want in life and how will your Internet business fit in to your vision? Be determined that you will succeed in whatever you wish to do.

2) Choose the product/service you want. Make sure that it has a conceivable market. Other things that you need to compare are commission structure, cookie retention time, conversion rate, discounts and promotions, and data feed.

3) Discover your niche and work on it. For a quick guide on lucrative niche markets, do a search on Google. If you find many sponsored ads for your search term, then rest assured that the segment is profitable. Why else would so many people advertise?

4) Get a proper domain. There are many alternatives: .net, .com, .biz, and. info. You must avoid trademark names. There is no point in getting into an unnecessary lawsuit. Make the name easier to spell and pronounce. Do not make it unnecessarily long or complicated.

5) Build a website. You can build it yourself if you are tech savvy. Or you can hire the services of professionals. But whatever it is, you need to have a website. You cannot carry out business using someone else's website. You can create a 'squeeze page' on your web site to register visitors in an e-mail campaign. It is crucial for you to keep in touch with the people you meet online via e-mail. You can also create a reference page that will link visitors to your affiliate products.

6) Devise strategies to drive traffic to your site. The more people visit your site, the higher your chances for converting them into sales. So you must get more and more people to your websites. You must regularly refresh your content. This will keep the interest factor alive.

7) You must examine your error and access logs, usage reports, and sales reports to ensure you are aiming the correct products to the appropriate visitors.

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