Friday, March 23, 2007

Everyone Should Be Ready To Be A Leader On Affiliate Program

by Erny Setyawati

The purpose to join Affiliate program sells products or program others company on line. Selling products and program not only do by on line, but also be done by direct marketing. New comers can promote to families, friends, and coworker that are so near with them, before getting benefits from their business on line. Why do we suggest doing by off line? Because new comers should learn about marketing online before taking steps too far. It needs, not enough one-month, two months, but we must learn when we decide to join affiliate program. We have conclusion that being affiliate never stops to learn. We should prepare our mental to face many obstacles, struggle to achieve success. There are a few mental psychologies that we should have:

1. We should be ready to spend money to invest. New affiliates are astonished after signing up. They think that joining Affiliate program, just only signing up and stopped. Money will come automatically. As matter of fact, we spend much money for promotion, buying products and others need. Joining affiliate program without money is impossible. Companies that have affiliate program always offer residual income. Please consider! You should be careful to select! Few companies are not professional to do, but the others do best

2. We should be ready to face many obstacles. New comers usually get frustration to face obstacles. How difficult to get new leads. The frustrations get more when leads on their down line never do action. So learning the strategy how to market on line is suggested.

3. We should be patient, passion and has endurance. Affiliate program is not as easy as imagine. Achieved successful on Affiliate program takes long time. Need patient, passion, and endurance. New comers fail and give up continuing, because of desperate. Motivation from up line or from consultant that much know about Internet marketing solution is needed.

4. We should be ready to be leader. Leader! Yes! You should be ready to be Leader. You should know much about the company that you join as affiliate. The company usually publishes newsletters to affiliates. The newsletter always inform about everything, articles, marketing strategy, marketing tool, free website, technology information support and others. You can use all of your company facilities before you take from others. You should give information as much as possible to your down line about company potential. Therefore, your down line duplicates your action and successful is belonged to you.

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