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How To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

by Kingsley Okpoh

I found out a trend that seems to be common with some affiliate marketers but which may on the long run not profit them since the merchants are never happy with such behaviours and tend not to renew their relationships with such affiliates. I hope you will not fall into this category since it does not augur well for you on the long run.

What trend am I talking about? I am talking about those of you who try to set up different websites numbering about 20 or even 40 on various topics with each one having some 300 -500 or more pages per website all because you want to earn a lot of money through Google Adsense on each website as well as the affiliate commissions on the various products that you will be promoting on the various pages. The question you should be asking yourself is "Is the style worthwhile on the long run?" And then there is the next question "Is this sustainable?"

In this kind of setup, you either have decided to churn out some automated load of keyword rich blabagulah that will become stale in a short while or you have a very big army of some article writers and designers whom you have locked away somewhere in your basement to handle the regular work needed to update these large chunk of sites and pages for you. In case the second option is what you have going for you, it is either you are rich enough to pay all these 'employees' of yours or they are some mediocres who do not have other options as to how to get themselves empowered or worse still, you are one of those modern day 'hostage takers'. Or is it 'hostage keepers?'

But then, let's be serious here friends. This affiliate marketing business is all about churning out sites with regularly updated quality contents that would make sense to the consumers and not a matter of quantity. Check out those sites that have high rankings on Google and you will find out that one of their common characteristics is that they have sites that not only dish out solid quality stuff but also do so on a regular basis. I am sure you must have noticed this but if you have not yet done so, please do now. There is no need to mention those sites here.

You can afford to play games with some of the spiders in order for them to index your sites for a short while but I can tell you that they will catch up with your tricks in no distant time and you will end up the loser in the game if you continue that way. You may not be aware of this but it is a fact that merchants are increasingly becoming choosy when it comes to which affiliates are admitted to their affiliate programs. At least the most serious ones are beginning to do this.

And they are not to blame when you put yourself in their shoes. The question is "how would the sites as described above add value to any affiliate program? It is no secret that links to affiliate programs that get indexed only for a short while are of no use when you want long term relationships. They are just like the proverbial "quickies".

You are therefore advised to get back to the drawing board if you are really serious about earning money on a long term basis as an affiliate marketer. There is the need to learn the ropes properly. You need to find a niche that appeals naturally to you, create real unique content or have others create it for you. You also need to build relationships across board, have links and back links to and from your websites and so on to have a good chance of remaining in reckoning on this stage. Of course, you need to have a way of regularly updating content on your sites and so on. You need to find a way to do things in your own way and be somewhat different to the usual gang on the beat. Be your self, create your own style, and show the world your own personality and creativity and the affiliate marketing world would be yours for the taking.

For those of you out there who had it rough at the beginning of journey into the affiliate marketing world, you are not alone and must have realized by now that the main problem was not having a sort of 'blue-print to success' in the business to follow. One literally had to stumble on from one trial and error to the next, buy one promising e-book after another, try promoting one affiliate after the other, changing them when no sales seem to be forth-coming and at the end of the day, sit down and wonder "but where have I gone wrong?" or "what have I not done right?" And yet, no answer!

It is therefore very important to start on the right note so as to save oneself valuable time, energy and more importantly, nerves. "A healthy man (and woman) is a wealthy man (and woman)" is a saying that still holds water. It is for this reason that I am recommending that you to read Holly Mann's "Breakthrough Money Making Secrets". This is the e-book that changed my perspective of internet marketing altogether. It is a book that is not only well-articulated but gives more than what you paid for. It naturally comes with a money-back guarantee which I think only an insane person will want to make use of after going carefully through the book. I think one good thing about the book is that it was written by someone who has been there when it comes to the nitty gritty of surviving the odds and so, it is so easy to relate to her experiences. Yes, it was written by a woman. One who had no choice but to take her destiny into her own hands when the going got rough. Please feel free to read about her even before thinking of buying the book. You will find her sales letter here Click here for a preview of the e-book.

Let me tell you something else about this lady that made me to decide to write this piece. The book I bought from her which changed my understanding on how to go about Internet Marketing was recently updated. I did not know about this until she sent me a mail to inform me of this development (of course she must have done same for all those that bought the earlier version). She went to inform me that if I could produce proof that I bought the earlier version, she will send me a link to download the new book (which is almost twice the size of the earlier one and filled with new quality information) for free! And she of course did. Now, I am not saying that she is the first person to do this sort of thing but I am telling you that with such a quality e-book, a lot of people would have been tempted to resell to you even if at a reduced price. This goes on to show the integrity of the author of this wonderful e-book.

I am advising you to check her site out and see for yourself if I have just been blowing a fake trumpet or not. You will find her at See you at the top. That is where you really belong if you have succeeded in reading this far. This article is free to be reproduced by anyone who wishes to do so as long as it remains unedited in any form.

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