Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Three Character Traits for A Successful Affiliate Marketer

by Ken Shorey

While you are researching your options for owning an Internet Business that allows you to work from home, affiliate marketing may be the easiest and fastest way to earn money online if you have what it takes to succeed.

The reason that affiliate marketing is so popular is that it is a convenient and easy way to earn money from the Internet.

Affiliate marketing like any business venture requires an investment of time, energy and resources. However, the affiliate business model eliminates the start-up costs that are associated with other business venture. The affiliate work at home opportunities are already set up and ready to earn money.

But there are still some important character traits and work ethics that will a work at home affiliate must have to be successful. In general successful entrepreneurs share these common traits.

  • High energy
  • Self-confidence
  • Set short term and long-term goals

High Energy - Making money with affiliate products requires a consistent, almost dogged determination to succeed. If someone told you that making money online is easy, they lied. There is no lazy way to riches in the initial stage of working from home. There is a steep learning curve for most new work from home business owners. You must have tenacity and the energy to follow through on what you learn. Learning new ways to market an affiliate product is important. But, following through is the most important element. It takes time to read through the ebooks and the marketing material provided from your affiliate programs.

Marketing is an ongoing process. To succeed as an affiliate, your products, web page and opt in list have to be monitored to insure that all links are working. You have to provide new content. Tenacity will win out over procrastination every day. Tenacity is what a Pit Bull exhibits when he has its teeth buried into an object. These dogs clamp down on an object and will not let go. This is the kind of persistence required in you work at home business.

Self Confidence - You must believe in what you are doing. You must be confident in the product as well as your ability to succeed in selling the product. You must know without a doubt that you can obtain your stated goals. This self-confidence will keep your enthusiasm level high and propel you forward. Self-confidence is a powerful motivator. You must believe that you can attain your desires.

Setting short term and long term goals – If you don’t know exactly what you want, you will not know when you have reached your goal. The goal that you set must be more specific than “making money” or “financial security”. The goal must set a specific amount of money that you wish to earn by a specific date.

Whether your goal is to gather 100 names in your opt-in list per week, or to sell 100 products per month, you must have a goal for your business in order to gauge your success.

Trying to run any type of business without setting goals is like trying to find a new location without having a map. Having a map makes getting to the new location a lot easier. Your time and energy are better spent going directly to the location without any wrong turns or stops at gas stations asking for directions.

Your goal setting is the map, the simple steps that you take everyday that are necessary to your acquire financial security. Your goals will take you where you really want to be.

Ken Shorey is owner/webmaster of Visit his site to learn how to make money online working at home.

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