Friday, April 20, 2007

Affiliate Marketing - 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Faster Profits

Let's look at five affiliate marketing tips you can use to start generating affiliate sales. Keep in mind, if you are motivated to eventually create your own products, you can market them in the same way!

1) Answer questions in forums

While this can be a slow and time consuming process, it's a great way to get started making money online as an affiliate marketer. Locate forums related to the product you are marketing. In most forums you can create a signature and in that signature have a link to a web site, which in this case would be your affiliate link.

If you are helpful in answering questions from other forum members and don't make useless posts that do nothing but market your product, you will get people that click your affiliate link.

2) Advertise With Google Adwords

Advertising with Google Adwords can have traffic to your site within 15 minutes of getting set up. Adwords ads are a great way to generate traffic but there is a lot of competition and a lot of things you need to learn if you want to make a profit, instead of losing your shirt. If you want to learn the Adwords game, you really need to spend some money on quality information about making money with google adwords.

3) Writing and Submitting Free Articles

This is another technique that can take some time but it's free and it does work. Write helpful articles that are related to your product and submit those articles, along with your resource box, to article sites like Keep in mind that does not allow you to include an affilate link in your resource box so you'll need your own web site, where you can tell people more about the product and send them to your affiliate link from there.

4) Create A Free Report

A great way to make affiliate sales is to create a free pdf report related to the product you are using in your affiliate marketing efforts. Write a short but informative report on your topic and include affiliate links in the report that direct people to the product you are promoting.

5) Ezine Advertising

Look for ezines that are related to your topic and submit classified ads to these ezines that promote your affiliate link. There are many ezines that allow free classified ads and others that you have to pay for. The price for a classified ad varies wildly from ezine to ezine and is dependent on certain factors like the number of subscribers the ezine has.

One great technique is to combine ezine advertising with giving away a free report. Again, you'll need web hosting for this one. Set up a web page where people can download the report and put that link in your ezine classified ad. You can also make the page a squeeze page by using an autoresponder so people have to optin to get the free report. This way, you also build a list of interested prospects that you can market other related products to.

If you want to get started in affiliate marketing, these are five tips you can implement right now to start making money online.

Gregg Gillies has been running a successful online fitness business for over four years as well as mentoring students for over two years on how to build their very own online business. Check out his free report "Learn How To Quickly And Easily Launch Your Own Profit Pulling Online Business ASAP!" at


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