Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Is Word Of Mouth Advertising

In the internet world today there is quite a buzz on affiliate marketing and programs. There are several sites you can join and who manage your commissions. After your approval you have access to many different businesses that offer commission based links to their sales pages or websites. Other businesses may have developed one of their own programs to attract not only purchasers but promoters. You have to admit that word of mouth advertising is one of if not the most effective form of advertising available.

For instance, when you go to a movie or restaurant and found that you liked it a lot, you recommend it. If you have read a book or heard a new song and liked it, you tell someone else about it. If you did any of the above things and were not happy with your experience then you would tell everyone. Multi level marketing has used this concept for years and it has been quite successful in most cases. Is it true that if someone told you of a great restaurant, you would be more likely to try it out for yourself? I certainly do, after all my friends or business associates would not steer me wrong intentionally.

There are two ways to utilize the advantages of affiliate based marketing. One way is to use those with a pay per sale commission set up or the second way are those that provide a residual commission payment. Residual is a recurring payment for something like a subscription that is renewed monthly or quarterly. With each renewed payment of the customer a commission payment is sent to you. There are also two tiered programs available which enables you to make a commission from the people who become affiliates as well. Some of the programs hold your money until a certain amount is reached and then send you a check. Others send checks on a regular basis regardless of the amount. Be careful to read the terms, commission structures and payment occurrences before you put your email on the dotted line. Be careful to not spread yourself too thin with too many of the different types of niches that are available. Because I was fairly new at internet business I have spent time researching effective ways to build my business platform. In that research I uncovered a very valuable resource to assist me in the further development of my internet business adventures.

It is always helpful to have a guide or handbook to help you along your road to a financial cushion or freedom with affiliate income. I tend to take advice form those who have gone before me. I found a handbook that is packed with valuable information to assist you in developing your affiliate fortune.

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