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The Affiliates Guide To Working With Merchants

In any affiliate sales program, communication is key to making a success of your project. Not only that, but keeping in touch with chosen merchants ensures that they can see you want to make money just as much as they do, and allows you both to advise each other on the best ways to market your product, increase sales, etc.

Although this may seem fairly obvious, since a merchant is going to be one of the best people to ask about what they're selling or promoting, you'd be surprised how many people ignore this one simple thing. Therefore, make sure you're the kind of affiliate who covers the basics, and success will surely follow.

When you take into account that figures show that it's only 5% of all affiliates who are responsible for almost 90% of all sales, then you'll realize how important it is to make sure you're one of those 5%. This is doubly important, as merchants will always look after those that are making money than those who don't take the product's success as seriously. In fact, you will often find that some of the merchant's best tools for further success will be made available to you once you're in their top sellers.

How to best deal with merchants
Like any businessman or woman, merchants will get extremely busy, especially the more successful a product gets. Therefore, if you email your merchant and you don't get an immediate response, there's no initial reason to worry. However, success should not be at the expense of communication with their affiliates.

Therefore, if you email your again and you still have no return contact, you may wish to consider whether you should continue working with them, as lack of contact can often lead to other problems, such as lack of resources, back-up, and even worse, lack of payments.

Also, with the amount of affiliate programs that are available, it's very unlikely that you will make hundreds of thousands in fees, unless you have something that's truly unique. Therefore, don't fall into the trap of working with merchants who promise the world – this is usually the sign of someone out to make a fast buck at your expense.

Communication with merchants
Merchants are just normal people like you and I, and are continuously looking to improve ways of making money. So, if you see something that isn't working, let them know – they'll be grateful, and appreciate your interest at making the product a success.

The key part of any good relationship, whether in your personal life or professional one, is respect. No matter whether you agree or disagree with something or someone, always keep a respectful tone when discussing it. Your merchant will treat you the way you treat them, and vice versa, so ask yourself how you like to be spoken to, and keep that in mind when raising queries.

At the end of the day, a merchant can often only be as good as the affiliates around him or her, so make yourself the best you can possibly be, and you'll soon see the merchant's mutual respect turn into more substantial and tangible rewards.

The Affiliates Guide To Working With Merchants

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