Saturday, May 26, 2007

How To Uncover Profitable Affiliate Programs By Looking For These 5 Simple Components!

by Hans Klein

It seems like everybody is throwing up affiliate programs. As soon as a new website opens-up shop, a new program immediately follows.

Sometimes this can be good news for affiliates because more opportunity is created. But, more often, it unwittingly leads affiliates to financial disaster!

You see, there’s a common misconception many affiliates hold. Succeeding in affiliate marketing has less to do with understanding marketing techniques than most people think.

Instead, it has a lot more to do with choosing the right affiliate programs to promote.

After all, you can be the best affiliate marketer in the world, but if you’re not promoting a solid program, then your success is severely limited!

Few affiliate marketers realize just how important a good program is. They often get sucked into a program with little demand, unfair pay, and little support.

And although the program looks great from the outset, only after you invest your valuable time in it, you find out it’s a dud.

This is why we’re going to cover 5 main components you should look for in every affiliate program you join to skyrocket your success rates:

1. Fair commission. If the program is only sharing a few percent of the sale, then you’re never going to generate good commissions. You’re going to earn a tiny fraction of what you could with a more generous program. The question you should ask yourself is, “Why earn a few cents or dollars, when I can easily be earning hundreds or thousands with a more generous program?”

2. Support. Many programs don’t have anybody to answer affiliate questions and if they do, then they often know little or nothing about affiliate marketing. For serious success, then you need a program where your questions can be answered fully. You don’t want to be left hanging when you’re trying to make a decision on how to best market the program.

3. High-converting websites. If you’re sending traffic to a “dead” product or a website that’s not designed to convert visitors into buyers, then you’re throwing your money and time away. You should look for proven products to promote that are currently selling well in the marketplace. People should already be looking for the solution the product has to offer.

4. Training. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then any program that shows you the best way to promote their products is going to jump-start your success. You can buy courses on affiliate marketing, but they are limited to general techniques and not targeted for a specific market.

5. A wide range of products, including high-end products. If you’re currently only promoting a single product, then you’re earning a tiny fraction of what you could. This is because once somebody has bought from your affiliate link, then you don’t have anything else to sell him or her. If you have a high-end product, then you can generate far more commissions than if you can only offer a single product where you get a few bucks commission.

Simply put, you need to look for a program where serious attention and effort is being invested in the affiliate program. This is the only way you’re going to have your income really take off to new and exciting levels!

Instead, of earning a few bucks here and there, you generate large commissions on a more consistent basis. In other words, you’re building a long-term affiliate marketing business.

Hans Klein is the affiliate manager for Platinum Millennium, which specializes in physical and digital products for the millions of people in the music industry. The affiliate program pays generous 30-40% commissions and comes with full support and training. Sign-up now at:


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